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Title: 組織支持與信任知覺對知識分享意願影響之研究
Authors: 黃能堂
HUANG, Hsiao-Hsuan
Keywords: 知識分享
knowledge sharing
organizational trust
organizational support
Taiwan Power Company
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 知識經濟時代潮流已勢不可擋,知識分享不但是知識管理中最重要的一個環結,也是能否成功推動知識管理的關鍵因素。知識分享的成敗取決於員工知識分享之意願,相關研究指出讓員工對於組織產生信任,並且知覺到企業組織的支持以及創造有利於知識分享的環境與制度,均有助於提昇員工分享之意願。 本研究目的在了解台電人力資源社群成員在組織支持、組織信任知覺與知識分享意願間之關聯性,透過立意抽樣,發放問卷230份,實際回收有效問卷198份,以相關分析、迴歸分析等統計方法進行研究假設之驗證。本研究發現:樣本社群成員在組織信任知覺上,對於直屬主管的信任感大於對組織系統的信任感;組織支持知覺、組織信任知覺對知識分享意願皆有正向影響;組織支持知覺透過組織信任對知識分享意願具有中介效果。
The trend of knowledge economy era has been overwhelmingly unevitable, knowledge sharing not only was the most important part in the process of knowledge management, but also wasvital factor in the success of KM. In addition, it adopts questionnaire survey, investigating the HR community members in Taiwan Power Company. A total of 230 questionnaires were sent to the sample of the study. By the deadline of the sampling stage, 198 valid questionnaires were returned to the researcher, yielding 86.1% of respondent rate. To testify the research hypothesis by status measurements such as correlation and regression analysis, the main objection of the research lies in getting to know the relation between perceived organizational support (POS), organizational trust (OT) and willingness of knowledge sharing (KS). After the survey the research found that: On POS, trust to supervisors outweighs that to organization system.POS and OT have positive influence on KS, and POS that have mediation effect to KS through OT.
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