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Title: 人資客服代表角色壓力與人資服務品質滿意度之相關研究
The Relationship between Role Stress and Satisfaction of Human Resource Service Quality—A Study of HR Account Service
Authors: 賴 志 樫
Chih-Chien, Lai
Chien-You, Pai
Keywords: 人力資源
human resource
HR Account Service
role stress
satisfaction of human resource service quality
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 隨著企業開始重視內部顧客服務,傳統的組織人事管理轉變為人力資源管理,又轉變成策略性人力資源管理後,人力資源服務也開始走向顧客導向。人力資源專業人員的角色與任務也不斷在轉變及增加中。因此,企業因應組織及外在環境的改變,為了提供更即時有效的高品質人力資源服務內容,透過人力資源部門直接將固定且專業的人資專員指派成為內部顧客單位(如廠區、各部門等)專責的服務「窗口」,使得人資客服代表(Account Service, AS)的新角色逐漸形成。 本研究主要探討人資客服代表角色壓力與內部顧客單位所感受之人資服務品質滿意度的相關性。本研究主要採取問卷調查法,回收的有效問卷共56對,有效回收率為23.63%。研究結果則有以下發現: 一、人資客服代表在角色衝突之壓力相對較重。 二、內部顧客單位主管對人資客服代表服務的反應性滿意度最高。 三、人資客服代表的角色壓力不因個人屬性不同而有所差異 四、角色壓力與人資服務品質滿意度不具有顯著相關。
As the enterprises start to pay much attention to internal customer service and change traditional organization personal management into human resource management (HRM), human resource management becomes more strategic. And human resource (HR) service is more customer oriented. HR professionals’ role and mission also change and improve constantly. The enterprises reply to organization and external environment’s change with more effective and responsive high quality service by providing HR Account Service (AS). In this new structure, full-time HR professionals are assigned to be the sectional internal customer service windows. This study focuses on the role stress situation of HR Account Service, the satisfaction of internal customers to human resource quality and the relation between the role stress and satisfaction. Questionnaire survey was adopted and fifty-six of valid copies of questionnaire were returned. The return rate was 23.76%. The results of this study are shown as the followings: 1.HR Account Service feels more stressful when they face the a role conflict. 2.Internal customers have the highest satisfaction toward the responsiveness of HR Account Service. 3.There is no significant difference in role stress of HR Account Service’s personal characteristics. 4.Role stress and human resource service quality satisfaction have no significant correlation.
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