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Title: 企業教育訓練成效評鑑之個案研究
The research of enterprise's effects upon evaluation of education and training by case study
Authors: 余鑑
Yu Chien
Pan Bo-Chan
Keywords: 教育訓練
education and training
effects upon evaluation of education and training
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究旨在研究企業實施教育訓練成效評鑑之現況、困境及其優缺點。本研究採質化研究中的多重個案研究法,以訪談的方式收集資料。經過訪談資料及文件資料的分析後,得到下列結論: 一、 受訪公司實施教育訓練評鑑之現況,包括分析、設計、發展、實施、評鑑五個階段。 (一) 分析階段包括蒐集訓練需求的背景資料、確立訓練的學習目標、分析各層面考量因素。 (二) 設計階段包括擬定訓練的內容大綱及主題、規劃每個主題之學習活動、組織整體教學設計流程。 (三) 發展階段包括發展教案、執行教材的開發或外購。 (四) 實施階段包括課程推廣、線上經營、課後評鑑。 (五) 評鑑階段包括學員反應、學習成效、學習行為改變。 二、 受訪公司實施教育訓練評鑑的困境分為訓練方面和評鑑方面。 (一) 訓練方面包括時程安排、學員滿意度。 (二) 評鑑方面包括難以深入評鑑、目標難以量化評鑑。 三、 受訪公司在教育訓練評鑑上整體之優缺點。 (一) 優點包括觀念上的改變或提升、增進情誼、訓練受到主管支持、網路平台的運用、公司政策。 (二) 缺點包括缺少適當的訓練場地、員工觀念建立、人員不足。
The purposes of this research were to search the current conditions, predicament, the advantage and the shortcoming that enterprise's effects upon evaluation of implementing education and training. This research adopts the multiple case study law in quality research, the materials are collected by way of interview. After analysis of interview materials and file materials, get the following conclusions: First, the five dimensions of the current conditions that the effects upon evaluation of education and training as follow: analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, evaluating. (1) Analyzing includes collecting the background materials which trains the demand, establishing the study goal trained, analyzing every aspect to consider the factor. (2) Designing includes drafting the studying activities of each theme of content, planning trained, organizing whole teaching to design the procedure. (3) Developing includes carrying out the development of the teaching material or purchasing outside. (4) Implementing includes course and popularize, manage E-learning, evaluate after class. (5) Evaluating includes students react, the effect of learning, the behavior of learning to change. Second, two aspects of the predicament that the effects upon evaluation of education and training as follow: training and evaluating. (1) The respect of training includes arranging the time of course, student's satisfaction. (2) The respect of evaluating includes that it is difficult to evaluate in depth, goal is difficult to quantize to evaluate. Third, the advantage and the shortcoming that effects upon evaluation of implementing education and training. (1) Advantage including change or improving in idea, promoting friendly feelings, training by executive's supporting, network platform, company's policy. (2) The shortcoming includes lacking the appropriate training court, setting up staff's concept, people is not enough.
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