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Title: 行動閱讀之圖文配置偏好
A Study of Favor in Disposals of Texts and Graphics of Mobile Reading
Authors: 于俊傑
Yu, Chin-Cheh
Chen, Chin-Hao
Keywords: 行動電話
Mobile Phone
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究主要在探討行動閱讀之圖文配置偏好,分為二個探討方向,一是針對使用者在行動電話上的文字大小、圖文配置及不同閱讀媒介的感受。二是針對不同的背景資料,在前一研究的項目中,探討其感受差異。 首先參考國內外相關文獻與理論,利用行動電話的特性設計圖文配置,並根據研究需要編製圖文內容。取樣年齡層界定在15歲至24歲之間的行動電話使用者為主要研究對象,性別不拘。地點則以學校、書店、圖書館、文化中心等地,進行問卷調查。最後根據調查結果以SPSS統計軟體進行統計分析,透過變異數分析及Tukey事後檢定,觀察使用者的差異感受情況。 經研究調查後發現: 1. 受測者對於文字大小的感受以文字18級最佳。 2. 受測者對於圖文配置的感受以圖上文下最佳。 3. 受測者對於不同閱讀媒介的感受以平面閱讀最佳。 4. 性別在行動閱讀的感受並沒有顯著的差異。 5. 年齡在圖右文左中,對於不同年齡層的感受差異達到顯著。 6. 教育程度在行動閱讀的感受並沒有顯著的差異。 7. 使用經驗在文字20級及平面閱讀中,感受差異達到顯著。 最後提出相關的結論與建議,以供行動通訊系統服務業者、行動學習的學校與相關企業發展行動閱讀之參考。 關鍵字:行動電話、行動閱讀、行動學習、網路學習
A Study of Favor in Disposals of Texts and Graphics of Mobile Reading Author: Chen, Chin-Hao Advisor: Dr.Yu, Chin-Cheh ABSTRACT The research talks about the favor in disposals of texts and graphics of mobile reading. It has two ways to approach the target. One is to find out user’s feels about font size, disposal of texts and graphics, and different reading interface. Another is based on differences of user’s background to find out the diversity. It also observes user’s different recognitions. Aftter investigating: 1. The most people feel satisfied with font size 18. 2. The most people feel satisfied with “graphics followed by text”. 3. The most people feel satisfied with paper reading. 4. There is no difference of recognition in sexual. 5. In ages of texts flowed around the right side of the graphic, there is different recognition. 6. There is no difference of recognition in education. 7. In experience of font size 20 and paper reading, there is different recognition. Sugestions could provide for the mobile telecom operator, mobile-learning school and Related Industry Key Words: Mobile Phone, Mobile-reading, m-Learning, e-Learning
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