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Title: 線上遊戲式學習對創造力之影響
The influence of On-Line game based Learning to Creativity
Authors: 蕭顯勝
Hsiao, Hsien-Sheng
Wong, Kai-hsin
Keywords: 創造力
Game based Learning
On-line game
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究是以自行開發的線上遊戲學習系統來輔助學生學習,並激發其創造力,此線上遊戲是根據威廉斯知情互動教學模式與創造性問題解決模式進行開發,以增強學生的創造力。 研究對象以台北縣某國民小學六年級學生為研究對象,採不等組 控制組準實驗研究法,以威廉斯創造力測驗為前後測,以分析學習的成效及差異,課程結束後填寫線上遊戲滿意度調查問卷,分析學生對於線上遊戲式學習之態度。所應用的統計方法有描述統計、單因子共變數、相關係數…等統計方法加以處理資料,所得重要結果如下: 1.實驗組經威廉斯創造力前後測分析發現,除了流暢力外,開放性、 變通力、獨創力、精密性、標題、冒險性、好奇性、想像力、挑戰 性、總分均有提升的情形。 2.實驗組經威廉斯創造力測驗分析發現,除了流暢力、挑戰性外,在開放性、變通性、獨創力、精密力、標題等、冒險性、好奇性、想像力、總分的表現上有顯著差異。 3.從研究中發現線上遊戲機制設計中的創意思考遊戲、即時通訊、知識隱喻設計與創造力有顯著正相關。
The purpose of the study constructed an online game for Creativity to assist students in learning. The development of the game is based on the Cognitive Affective Interaction Model and Creative Problem-Solving teaching strategy that was designed to enhances creativity of students. Samples were certain of two classes students at 2nd grade of Elementary School in Taipei, dividing into experimental and control groups. Study method applies the pretest-posttest nonequivalent-groups design. The study used Williams Creativity Assessment as pretest and posttest, and fill in the questionnaire for On-line game. The data is processed by statistics methods such as covariance(ANCOVA)and Correlation Coefficient etc. After analysis, the study finds out the following results: 1. After the teaching experiment, experimental group discovered the Scores in Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration, Imagination, Title, challenge, Risk-taking, Curiosity and total were promoted outside Fluency. 2. After the teaching experiment, experimental group discovered the significant differences in Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration, Imagination, Title, Challenge, Risk-taking, Curiosity and total were promoted outside Fluency and challenge. 3. The study also proved the mechanism of the online game had a significantly positive relation with creativity, such as creative thinking games, instant messenger and the metaphor design of knowledge.
Other Identifiers: GN0693710274
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