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Title: 數位學習應用於外派主管財務通識訓練之成效研究
The Effectiveness of General Finance E-learning Training for Expatriate Managers
Authors: 李隆盛
Lung-Sheng Lee
Gang-Lin Fan
Keywords: 外派訓練
expatriated training
finance course
training effectiveness evaluation
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 在全球化及資訊科技快速發展的趨勢下,企業積極跨入國際市場,尋求開拓海外商機,透過外派經理人經營管理海外分公司,以達到擴張組織商業版圖之目標。外派經理人對於海外分公司經營的成敗肩負重大責任,因此對外派經理人持續實施訓練以提升其知識、技能之水準尤為重要。本研究以某本國籍航空公司外派海外分公司,參加財務通識數位學習課程之118名外派主管為研究對象,以Kirkpatrick四層次評鑑模式進行財務通識能力之訓練成效評估,探討其學習滿意度、學習成就、應用所學情形及三者間之關係。獲得結果如下:(1)外派經理在反應層次、學習層次及行為層次的學習成效皆達到中上程度;(2)外派經理教育程度、外派累積年資在學習滿意度上具有顯著差異;(3)學習滿意度與學習成就呈正相關;(4)學習成就與應用所學情形呈正相關。
In recent years, under the trend of globalization and the rapid development of technology, many enterprises have been actively involved in international markets and to seek for overseas business opportunities. They also expatriate managers to overseas branches to expand their commercial territories. Expatriate managers are in charge of overseas branches, so their continuous training and development to improve their knowledge and skills are particularly important. An airlines company in Taiwan, which requires its 118 expatriate managers to attend a series of e-learning courses of general finance, was selected as a case. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of the e-learning training by the Kirkpatrick’s four-level evaluation model. Consequently the following results are obtained: (1) In terms of Levels I-III(Reaction, Learning and Behavior), expatriate managers learning effectiveness are acceptable;(2) There are significant differences of learning satisfaction by managers’ expatriate seniorities and education levels;(3) There is a significant positive correlation between managers’ learning satisfaction and learning achievement;(4) There is a significant positive correlation between managers’ learning achievement and application.
Other Identifiers: GN060171041H
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