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Title: 各式字幕在不同使用情境下對英語影片理解的影響
The Influence of Various Subtitles on the Comprehension of English Videos in Different Usage Contexts
Authors: 簡佑宏
Yu-Hung Chien
Chia-Wei Tu
Keywords: 視覺疲勞
cognitive load
learning motivation
learning achievement
ubiquitous learning
visual fatigue
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 近年來,行動科技蓬勃發展,各式行動載具日漸普及,相對應的多媒體教材亦推陳出新,使無所不在的學習環境日趨成熟。本研究旨在探討先備能力相異之大學生在不同使用情境觀看英語新聞影片時,字幕呈現內容對大學生的學習動機、學習效益、認知負荷及視覺疲勞的影響。本研究採準實驗設計方式,研究對象為80名18至24歲大學院校學生,依前測英語聽力測驗成績區分研究對象之先備能力,並將兩種先備能力的研究對象隨機分配至兩種使用情境(室外和室內)、四種字幕呈現內容(中文、英文、中英和英中),共八個組別中。室外使用情境組在台灣師範大學校園廣場使用智慧型手機觀看影片,室內使用情境組則在教室內透過投影機進行實驗。研究結果如下: 一、學習動機會因使用情境與字幕呈現內容不同而產生顯著性的差異,室外使用情境組優於室內使用情境,且中英字幕組研究對象之學習動機最高。 二、學習效益會因先備能力、使用情境與字幕呈現內容不同而有顯著性的差異,高先備者優於低先備者,且室外使用情境優於室內使用情境,中英字幕組之學習效益較其他字幕呈現內容組別佳。 三、室內使用情境之視覺疲勞低於室外使用情境。 四、英中字幕組之認知負荷顯著低於中文字幕組及英文字幕組。 本研究由問卷及訪談中發現,研究對象大多願意繼續利用新聞影片學習英語,對於無所不在學習的使用情境相當滿意,並給予肯定,此結果將可提供教學設計者在往後進行英語教學設計時之參考。
With the prosperous development of mobile technology in recent years, various mobile carriers have become more and more popular; multimedia teaching materials corresponding thereto are also innovated and introduced, resulting in the increasing maturity of pervasive learning environments. This study aims to explore the influences of subtitle contents on learning motivation, learning effectiveness, cognitive load and visual fatigue of college students with different prior abilities when they watch English news videos in different usage contexts. This study adopts a quasi-experimental design approach, selects 80 college students at the age of 18 to 24 years as study subjects, classifies their prior abilities according to their English listening scores in the pretest, and randomly assigns the study subjects with two different prior abilities into eight groups formed by the collocation of two usage contexts (outdoor and indoor environments) and four kinds of subtitle contents (Chinese-only, English-only, Chinese and English, and English and Chinese subtitles). The groups of the outdoor usage context watch videos on smart phones in a square on the campus of National Taiwan Normal University, and the groups of the indoor usage context undergo the experiment with a projector in a classroom. The study findings are as follows. 1. There are significant differences in learning motivation due to different usage contexts and subtitle contents, wherein the groups of the outdoor usage context perform better than the groups of the indoor usage context, and the study subjects in the groups of Chinese and English subtitles demonstrate the highest learning motivation. 2. There are significant differences in learning effectiveness due to different prior abilities, usage contexts and subtitle contents, wherein those with high prior ability perform better than those with low prior ability, the groups of the outdoor usage context perform better than the groups of the indoor usage context, and the groups of Chinese and English subtitles perform better than the other groups in learning effectiveness. 3. The visual fatigue in the indoor usage context is lower than that in the outdoor usage context. 4. The cognitive load of the groups of English and Chinese subtitles is significantly lower than that of the groups of Chinese-only subtitles and the groups of English-only subtitles. The study finds through questionnaires and interviews that most study subjects are willing to continue using news videos to learn English and are quite satisfied with the usage context with pervasive learning, giving positive comments thereon. The study findings may serve as a reference for instructional designers in future English teaching design.
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