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dc.contributorHUANG, Neng- Tangen_US
dc.contributor.authorCHU, Jia-Huien_US不公開
dc.description.abstract人才是公司最重要的資產,如何可以吸引好人才以及讓員工全心全意地為公司付出是一大關鍵。近來市場職缺不斷釋出,但員工離職率卻居高不下,影響離職原因有很多,企業應提升員工對公司的組織承諾,使員工願意並且留在組織當中。而當員工因工作所得來的價值,背後則需有一個強烈的工作動機去支撐,進而影響工作投入的情形。因此員工在有動機以及認真投入工作之下,一個組織的領導者就必須運用各種的影響力,使組織達成目標,是本研究想要探討的目的。 本研究採用立意取樣的方式,以A媒體科技業之網路型錄部門員工為研究對象,探討主管之領導風格、工作動機、工作投入對組織承諾之影響。問卷共發放210份,有效回收為170份,有效回收率為80.9%,應用敘述性統計、信度分析、相關分析、迴歸分析等方法,研究結果發現領導風格對工作動機、工作投入與組織承諾皆呈現顯著影響,而工作動機與工作投入在領導風格與組織承諾間,具有部分中介效果。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractTalents is one of the most important asset of a company, and how a company attract good talents and staff to contribute wholeheartedly is the key to the company. The company should upgrade employees’ organizational commitment to the success of a company so that the employees are willing to stay. Staffs derived value from their work; hence they needed a strong motivation to support in back of them, thereby affecting the situation of job involvement. This study will used convenience sampling to survey employees who was in Multimedia Technology. The survey shows the effective response rate of questionnaires is 80.9%。The returned questionnaires were used analysis for data analyzed by descriptive statisticsk reliability analysis, multiple regression. The results are as follows: The result of the study is that leadership style, job motivation, job involvement, and organization commitmen show remarkable positive correlation in between. The job motivation had only the partial mediation effect on the relationship between leadership style and Organizational Commitment. The job involvement had only the partial mediation effect on the relationship between leadership style and Organizational Commitment.en_US
dc.subjectleadership styleen_US
dc.subjectjob motivationen_US
dc.subjectjob involvementen_US
dc.subjectorganization commitmenten_US
dc.titleAssessing the Influence of Leadership Style, Job Motivation, and Job Involvement on Organizationalen_US
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