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Title: 企業聲望、組織承諾與留職意願之關係研究
The Relations among Corporate Reputation, Organizational Commitment and Intention to Stay
Authors: 李 隆 盛
Lung-Sheng Lee
李 偉 豪
Wei-Hao Lee
Keywords: 企業聲望
Corporate Reputation
Organizational Commitment
Intention to Stay
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 員工流動率一直是人力資源人員首要關注的問題之一,國內人才流動快速,且現今工作者除了重視金錢報酬以外也著重內心層面的感受。因而滿足工作者的內外需求,加強組織與員工的情感上的依附是非常重要的。本研究目的在探討企業聲望、組織承諾與留職意願之間的關係,了解企業聲望是否可透過員工組織承諾之增強,提高其留職意願。本研究採問卷調查法,以目前在國內私人企業任職的員工為對象,發放問卷600份,有效回收405份。問卷蒐集資料以統計軟體進行分析與檢定,獲致結果如下:(1)企業聲望與組織承諾之間具有正相關;(2)企業聲望與留職意願之間具有正相關;(3)組織承諾與留職意願之間具有正相關;(4)組織承諾在企業聲望和留職意願之間具有部分中介效果。
Employee turnover rate has been one of the major concerns in the field of human resource. In Taiwan, turnover rate of talented employees is very dynamic. In addition, employees not only value on monetary compensation but also inner feelings. Therefore, in order to satisfy employees’ needs, it is important to strengthen organization and employees’ emotional attachment. By exploring the relationships among corporate reputation, employees’ organizational commitment as well as intention to stay, the purpose of this study was to investigate whether corporate reputation can increase employees’ intention to stay through employees’ organizational commitment. To attain this purpose, a questionnaire survey was conducted in 2013. Subjects who volunteered to take part in the survey were the employees who worked in domestic private enterprises. Of the 600 questionnaires distributed, 405 valid ones were returned. The collected data were statistically analyzed through SPSS and obtained the following results: (1) A positive correlation exists between corporate reputation and organizational commitment. (2) A positive correlation exists between corporate reputation and intention to stay. (3) A positive correlation exists between organizational commitment and intention to stay. (4) Organization commitment partially mediates the relationship between corporate reputation and employee’s intention to stay.
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