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Titel: 主管激勵語言、個人與工作適配度對工作熱情及工作投入之影響─以組織認同為調節變項
The Influence on Job Involvement from Motivational Language and Person-Job Fit through the Mediation of Job Passion—Organizational Identification as a Moderator Variable
Autoren: 余鑑
Yu, Chien
Yu, Chin-Cheh
Tsai Pei Chuan
Stichwörter: 主管激勵語言
motivational language
person-job fit
job passion
job involvement
organizational identification
Erscheinungsdatum: 2013
Zusammenfassung: 台灣經濟隨著科技產業的不斷成長,也不斷創造高利潤,但同時員 工的超時工作壓力也越來越大。而支持員工的最大動力,往往是對工作具備正向積極的熱情。充滿熱情的人不僅著眼於物質慾望上的滿足,更存在能突破自己能力,進一步了解、認同組織的意涵,具有長程的眼光與較遠大的目標,有效增進組織利益。 本研究旨在探討主管激勵語言、個人與工作適配度、工作熱情、工作投入與組織認同之間的關聯性,並以工作熱情為中介變項,運用迴歸分析工作熱情在主管激勵語言、個人與工作適配度與工作投入之間的中介效果,以及以組織認同為調節變項,分析組織認同在工作熱情與工作投入之間是否具有調節效果。而本研究之對象為六家科技公司之從業人員,採用抽樣方式以E-mail、郵寄及委託人力發送問卷來蒐集實證資料,總共回收了300個有效樣本。 研究結果發現:(1)主管激勵語言對工作投入有正向影響,(2)個人與工作適配度對工作投入有正向影響,(3)主管激勵語言對工作熱情有正向影響,(4)個人與工作適配度對工作熱情有正向影響,(5)工作熱情對工作投入有正向影響,(6)工作熱情對於主管激勵語言與工作投入間具有完全中介效果,(7)工作熱情對於個人與工作適配度與工作投入間具有完全中介效果,(8)組織認同於工作熱情與工作投入間不具調節效果。本研究的結果,期望能做為組織經理人於組織發展策略的應用上,以及往後相關研究的參考。
In Taiwan, economy is growing as technology industry keeps making great profit; however, the pressure of working overtime is getting higher and higher for employees. The best support for employees usually comes from positive passion for their jobs. People with passion not only focus on the contentment from material desires, but also try hard to exceed their limits, and more likely to increase job satisfaction and organization commitment in advance.With broader vision and higher goal, they always help organization moving forward more consistently. This study aims to examine the correlation among motivational language, person-job fit, job passion, job involvement and organizational identification. Job passion is served as the mediation variable. Regression is used to analyze the mediation effect coming from job passion in motivational language, person-job fit and job involvement. Meanwhile, organizational identification is the moderator variable to analyze the effects between job passion and job involvement. The empirical data are collected by E-mail、mail and commissioned by Human from the employees in six technology companies. The total valid samples are 300. The results showed: (1)Motivational language has a positive impact on job involvement. (2)Person-job fit has a positive impact on job involvement. (3) Motivational language has a positive impact on job passion. (4)Person-job fit has a positive impact on job passion. (5)Job passion has a positive impact on job involvement. (6)The mediation of job passion in motivational language effecting on job involvement. (7)The mediation of job passion in person-job fit effecting on job involvement. (8)Organizational identification has no moderating effects on job passion influencing job involvement. We hope that the results can be applied as a useful reference for formulating organizational strategies and as a medium to successfully carry out apprenticeship.
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