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Title: 組織生涯管理、個人與組織適配度、敬業貢獻度影響組織承諾之研究
The Influence of Organizational Career Management, Person-Organization Fit, Employee Engagement on Organizational Commitment
Authors: 余鑑
Yu, Chien
Yu, Chin-Cheh
Wu, Chun-Wei
Keywords: 組織生涯管理
organizational career management
person-organization fit
employee engagement
organizational commitment
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 近年來,銀行業正面臨競爭環境變化快速的嚴峻挑戰,正因如此,組織應在生涯管理上提供更妥善的規劃,使員工認清自我生涯目標與促使自我能力以達到組織要求。除此之外,也可同時協助員工解決工作上的困境與阻礙,強化其適應組織環境的能力,以提升員工工作生活品質、增進勞動力的穩定性並提高優質的績效產出。最重要的是,銀行須透過對公司願景有相近信念的企業金融從業人員來獲取大部分的獲利,綜上所述,組織應思考如何透過良好的組織生涯管理措施,讓適合的人才能夠持續的留在組織裡,使其維持良好的敬業貢獻度以促成組織永續成長,增進銀行競爭力,即成為目前管理者當務之急。本研究旨在探討企業金融從業人員的組織生涯管理措施、個人與組織適配度、敬業貢獻度對於組織承諾之影響。同時,並進一步以層級迴歸方法分析敬業貢獻度於組織生涯管理、個人與組織適配度和組織承諾之間之中介關係。研究結果期能提供銀行業及人力資源發展與管理領域之參考,而本研究之對象為企業金融從業人員,採立意抽樣方式,以E-mail電子問卷來蒐集實證資料,總共發出400份問卷,問卷回收共計161份。以下為本研究所獲致的結論,茲分述如下: 1.組織生涯管理對敬業貢獻度有正向影響。 2.個人與組織適配對敬業貢獻度有正向影響。 3.敬業貢獻度對組織承諾有正向影響。 4.組織生涯管理對組織承諾有正向影響。 5.個人與組織適配對組織承諾有正向影響。 6.敬業貢獻度對組織生涯管理影響組織承諾有中介效果 7.敬業貢獻度對個人與組織適配影響組織承諾有中介效果
Currently the banking sector is facing serious challenges of organizational environmental change. Because of this, the organization should provide proper planning of career management, so that employees understand their own career goals, and promote their skills to meet organizational requirements. The organization should help employees solve work difficulties and obstacles, strengthen workers' ability to adapt to the organization's environment, thereby raising the quality of employees work life, and promote labor stability and performance outcome. Most importanly, maximizing benefits must be done through corporate finance professionals who share the company's vision. The organization should consider how to implement good organizational career management measures, so that appropriate talent will remain in the organization and maintain employee engagement to facilitate sustained organizational growth and enhance the competitiveness of the bank; this is an urgent priority of the current managers. This study aims to investigate the organization of corporate finance practitioners’ career management measures, individual organization fit, and the impact of organizational commitment on employee engagement. At the same time, the study further takes the step of using hierarchical regression analysis to analyze the intermediary relationships between employee engagement, organizational career management, person-organization fit, and organizational commitment. The study is intended for corporate finance practitioners. It uses the purposive sampling method, using email questionnaires to collect empirical data. Altogether 400 questionnaires were distributed, and 161 returned. The conclusions of the study are shown below. 1.Organizational career management has a positive impact on employee engagement. 2.Person-organization fit has a positive impact on employee engagement. 3.Employee Engagement has a positive impact on organizational commitment. 4.Organizational career management has a positive impact on organizational commitment. 5.Person-organization fit has a positive impact on organizational commitment. 6.A small mediation effect of employee engagement is shown on the relationship of organizational career management and organizational commitment. 7.A small mediation effect of employee engagement is shown on the relationship of person-organization fit and organizational commitment.
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