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Titel: 金控員工之工作價值觀、工作特性與 工作滿足、組織承諾之關聯研究
Assessing the Relationship among Work Values, Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment of Employees—The Case of Financial Holding Companies.
Autoren: 黃能堂
HUANG, Neng-Tang
SHIH, Yi-Chen
Stichwörter: 工作價值觀
work values
job characteristics
job satisfaction
organizational commitment
Erscheinungsdatum: 2013
Zusammenfassung: 金控公司的主要利基在於整合各附屬公司及使金融服務的整合效應最大化。而銀行、證券及保險業的據點是金控公司通路中,最適合推動跨售行銷的通路,他們具有之競爭優勢為員工與消費者直接接觸及員工可銷售商品多樣化。員工在對客戶服務傳遞過程中,是扮演相當重要的角色,故組織應思考運用及管理員工的工作價值觀及工作特性,使員工產生滿足的感受及應允組織的要求,進而提昇組織績效。 本研究係以一家金控公司之3家子公司(銀行財富管理部門、人壽保險及證券)員工為研究對象。研究採問卷調查法,發放問卷580份,有效回收問卷503份,有效問卷回收率86.7%。統計方法則應用敘述統計分析、皮爾森積差相關分析(Pearson)及迴歸分析等方法。本研究發現:(1)員工在工作價值觀及工作特性分別對工作滿足與組織承諾之間皆存在顯著正向關係;(2)工作滿足在工作價值觀與組織承諾間具有部分中介效果;(3)工作滿足在工作特性與組織承諾間具有完全中介效果。
Financial holding company integrates each subsidiary company to maximize the synergy effects of versatile financial services. Under the operation of FHC banking, insurance and securities services are the most relevant in promoting cross selling. They have the competitive advantage in direct dealing with consumers and selling versatile financial commodities. Employees play significant roles during service delivery. The organizations have to find out the way to best use and manage employees’ work values and job characteristics in order to achieve desirable performance. This study selected the employees of 3 divisions (wealth management division of bank, insurance and securities) working at a financial holding company as major samples. The study adopted questionnaire survey to make an investigation on the 3 subsidiaries’s clerk. Total of 580 questionnaires were issued and 503 valid samples were returned with responding rate at 86.7%. The analytical methods included decripitive statistics analysis, independent sample t test, Pearson correlation and regression analysis. This result of this study finds out as follows: (1) Work Values, Job Characteristics have a significant positive effect on Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment. (2) The Job Satisfaction had only the partial mediation effect on the relationship between Work Values and Organizational Commitment. (3)The Job Satisfaction had only the complete mediation effect on the relationship between Job Characteristics and Organizational Commitment.
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