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dc.contributorHuang, Neng-Tangen_US
dc.contributor.authorYeh, Chia-Chien_US不公開
dc.description.abstract  全球金融環境變動快速,金融產業競爭激烈,銀行業為了在激烈戰場上立足、穩健永續經營,並持續保持獲利的成長,除了多元化的金融商品外,服務品質扮演著極重要的角色,為重要之競爭利器。銀行櫃檯人員即為第一線的服務人員,每天與客戶面對面直接接觸,提供客戶金融服務與相關諮詢,除了金融專業與熱忱,服務的互動過程中,在提升客戶滿意度之際,也深刻提升了企業形象。第一線櫃檯人員(櫃員)是服務品質的關鍵人物,為提供良好服務,組織希望櫃員展現正面情緒,要求符合公司規範的言語、行為與專業表現,以提升客戶滿意度,最終達到公司盈餘利潤之目標。   本研究旨在探討銀行櫃員之工作特性、情緒勞務、工作滿足與組織承諾之間的關係,並以組織承諾為依變項,分析工作特性、情緒勞務、工作滿足對組織承諾之影響效果,並研究工作滿足在工作特性與組織承諾間、情緒勞務在工作特性與組織承諾間以及工作滿足在情緒勞務與組織承諾間之中介效果。   本研究以S銀行櫃員為研究對象,研究方式採問卷調查法,發放問卷345份,有效回收問卷312份,統計分析採用獨立樣本t檢定、變異數分析、相關分析與迴歸分析等進行研究假設之考驗檢定。   本研究發現,銀行櫃員之工作特性、情緒勞務、工作滿足與組織承諾間皆存在顯著正相關關係,工作滿足在工作特性與組織承諾間具有部分中介效果,情緒勞務在工作特性與組織承諾間具有部分中介效果,工作滿足在情緒勞務與組織承諾間具有完全中介效果。zh_TW
dc.description.abstract  In the global financial environment, the competition among the financial circles is intense. Service quality is the key to earn customer’s satisfaction and competitive advantage. While the degree of customer’s satisfaction increases, the image of enterprise raises sharply. The bank clerk is the front-line service employee confronted with customers, and is representative of providing good service to customers face to face. The bank clerk is also the pivot of service quality. In order to provide good service, organization hopes the bank clerks show their positive emotion to satisfy their customers at the same time.   The study was aimed to explore the correlation among Job Characteristics, Emotional Labor, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment. The study adopted questionnaire survey to make an investigation on the S bank’s clerk. 345 questionnaires were distributed and resulted in 312 valid responses. The data was analyzed by methods including independent sample t test, ANOVA , Pearson correlation and multiple regression analysis.   The result of the study is that Job Characteristics, Emotional Labor, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment show remarkable positive correlation in between. The Job Satisfaction had only the partial mediation effect on the relationship between Job Characteristics and Organizational Commitment. The Emotional Labor had only the partial mediation effect on the relationship between Job Characteristics and Organizational Commitment. The Job Satisfaction had only the complete mediation effect on the relationship between Emotional Labor and Organizational Commitment.en_US
dc.subjectjob characteristicsen_US
dc.subjectemotional laboren_US
dc.subjectjob satisfactionen_US
dc.subjectorganizational commitmenten_US
dc.subjectthe bank clerken_US
dc.titleA Study on the Influence of Job Characteristics, Emotional Labor and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitmenten_US
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