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Title: 以CMMI流程領域進行電子書教材製作之個案研究
A Case Study of e-books development by CMMI Process Areas
Authors: 余鑑
Chien Yu
Chin-Chen Yu
Pei-Chen Chang
Keywords: CMMI
process improvement
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 電子書之閱讀已成為一種學習的常態。 電子書內容開發的需求愈來愈多,專案成員需要一定時間的適應與內部流程再造,必須要有一套檢驗標準,因此個案公司將以SEI CMMI (Software Engineering Institute, Capability Maturity Model Integration)規範為藍本,重新定義產品開發流程與品質改善制度之建立。 本研究希望以CMMI的流程領域為基礎,提出電子書內容開發的依循步驟,建立組織適合之CMMI規範的品質管理系統,並由組織品質管理系統持續改善的能量,進而降低專案成員人力變動。相關研究結果希望能使同業於管理或制定策略時作為參考,進而促使台灣相關產業流程之提昇。
The reading of the e-book has become normal in the learning. More and more demand for e-book content development, project members need some time to adapt to the internal process reengineering, and must have a inspection standards, so case company use SEI CMMI (Software Engineering Institute, Capability Maturity Model Integration) specification, to be redefine the establishment of the product development process and quality improvement system. This study hopes CMMI process areas based on the proposed development of the e-book content to follow steps, and to establish the organization the CMMI specification suitable quality management system by the organizations quality management system for continuous improvement of energy, thereby reducing the project changes in the members of the human. The results of research hope to be able to manage or develop strategies as a reference, and thus promote the process of the upgrade of the related industries in Taiwan.
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