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Title: 公務機關領導風格、工作滿意度與組織承諾相關性之研究
A Study on Relativity among Leadership Style, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Government
Authors: 上官百祥
Pai-Hsiang, ShangKuan
Hsiao-Ing, Tang
Keywords: 領導風格
leadership style
job satisfaction
organizational commitment
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract:   政府各機關所需人員各有其專業,故國家考試分各類科錄取不同領域的專業人員,希望人才適得其所,發揮其效能。但當人員更迭頻繁時,則易影響整個行政績效。如何使公務人員認同機關,願意為其付出並留任以提昇行政績效,即為本研究所探討的重點。本研究以主管領導風格、工作滿意度為自變數,組織承諾為依變數,探討主管領導風格、工作滿意度對組織承諾的影響,並以行政機關公務人員為問卷調查對象,共發問卷270份,回收有效問卷217份,採相關分析、t檢定、變異數及迴歸等分析方法。   研究結果發現:(1)主管領導風格與工作滿意度之間具有正向影響。(2)主管領導風格與組織承諾之間具有正向影響。(3)工作滿意度與組織承諾之間具有正向影響。(4)工作滿意度於轉換型領導風格與組織承諾間具有部份中介之效果。(5)工作滿意度於交易型領導風格與組織承諾間具有完全中介之效果。本研究最後就建立的架構與實證結果,提出後續研究方向之建議,及未來考試院在規劃公務人員激勵制度之參考,期使在規劃上更為周延完臻,以發揮正面的功效。
A government is composed of many organizations which respectively possess personnel with varied professional skills. Therefore, various civil servant recruitment examinations are held to select people with skills that are needed in different domains, hoping to achieve the goal of “the right people fitting into separate professions.” When changing jobs becomes common among civil servants, it affects the performance of the entire administrative. The purpose of this study is to explore on how we can increase civil servants’ keenness on identifying with their institution, how to boost their willingness of making contributions and remaining in the same job positions. This study lists leadership styles and job satisfaction as independent variables; job commitment as the dependent variable. Discussion will be on the relationship of the three variables for civil servants. Data was collected from a questionnaire filled out by staffs of the government and among the 270 samples, 217 responses were valid. The collected data was evaluated with Pearson’s correlation analysis, t-test, one-way ANOVA analysis, and liner regression analysis. Results of the study showed that there is a significant relationship among leadership style, job satisfaction and job commitment; job satisfaction serves as the mediating effect between leadership style and job commitment. Based on the end results, the author proposes a few suggestions for future researchers and for the Examination Yuan when it comes to constructing a proper system for civil servants which motivates them and also enhances administrative performance.
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