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dc.contributorLung-Sheng Leeen_US
dc.contributor.authorYa-Hsiu Hsuen_US
dc.description.abstractThe success of organizational change depends on organizational members’ recognition, support and commitment to their organization. The contributions of human resources management system(HRMS) to enterprise development have also been increasingly valued. Thus, how to effectively leverage HRMS measures to attract, retain and motivate talents to have competent employees and enhance organizational competitive advantage has been also increasingly claimed in the service industry. Previous studies indicate that sound HRMS measures positively affect employees’ organizational commitment. The purposes of this study were to adopt Hotel A as an example to investigate the relationship between employees’ Perceptions of Organizational Change (POC), Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Perceived Organizational Support (POS), and Organizational Commitment (OC), as well as to examine the mediating effect of POS on the relationship between POC and OC. A questionnaire survey was conducted in Hotel A to solicit the responses of in-service employees who were conveniently selected. In total, 360 questionnaires were distributed by person and/or mail, and the valid response rate was 85%. Consequently, the results of this study are as follows: (1) POC is positively associated with POS; (2) POS is positively related to OC; (3) HRMS is positively related to OC; (4) POC is positively related to OC; and (5) POS has partial mediating effect on the relationship between POC and OC.en_US
dc.subjectPerceptions of Organizational Change (POC)en_US
dc.subjectHuman Resources Management System (HRMS)en_US
dc.subjectPerceived Organizational Support (POS)en_US
dc.subjectOrganizational Commitment (OC)en_US
dc.titleThe Relationship between Employee Perceptions of Organizational Change, Human Resource Management System, Organizational Support and Organizational Commitmenten_US
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