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Title: 員工生涯規劃、工作投入與離職傾向的關係:以某半導體公司為例
The Relationship among Employee’s Career Planning, Turnover Intention and Job Involvement
Authors: 李隆盛
Lung-Sheng, Lee
Yu-Chen ,Wu
Keywords: 半導體產業
semiconductor industry
career planning
job involvement
turnover intention
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 台灣電子業在歷經了兩年左右的不景氣風暴,終於在2010年上半年重現榮景,但也觸發了電子業人員的離職潮。如何協助員工規劃生涯、提高工作投入和降低離職傾向,成為這類公司的重要課題。本研究目的即在以某半導體公司為個案,探討其員工生涯規劃、工作投入與離職傾向三者間的關係,三者與個人變項的關係。本研究採問卷調查法,共發出300份問卷,回收有效問卷226份,實際有效回收問卷共179份,(有效回收率59.6%)。主要結果如下:(1)員工生涯規劃愈完整,工作投入程度愈高;(2)員工生涯規劃愈明確,離職傾向愈低;(3)管理職的員工之生涯規劃的強度高於非管理職員工,但離職傾向也高,值得重視;(4)50歲以上的員工的工作投入程度是較高,但30歲以下的離職傾向程度較高,值得注意;(5)工作投入在生涯規劃與離職傾向之間具有完全中介效果。
Taiwan electronics industry suffered a recession from 2008 to the first half year of 2010. After that, the recovery becomes a trigger of employee’s job change in this field. Therefore, how to help the employees’ to improve their career planning as well as job involvement and decrease their turnover rate has become a critical issue in the companies related to electronics. The purpose of this study was to explore the relations among employees’ career planning, job involvement and turnover rate as well as the relations among the above three variables and employee’s personal variables. Questionnaire survey method was employed to attain the purpose. Totally, 300 questionnaires were mailed to the employees in a selected semiconductor company and 179 effective ones were returned. As a result of statistical analyses, the following findings are obtained: (1) The employee having better career planning has higher job involvement; (2) The employee having better career planning has lower turnover intention; (3) The employee with supervisory position is more urge to have career planning than the employee without supervisory position; (4) The employee, who is over 50-year-old, has higher job involvement than the employee is under 50-year-old. However, the employee, who is under 30 years old, has higher turnover intention; (5) Job involvement has a complete mediation effect on the relation between employee’s career planning and turnover intention.
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