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Title: 居家照顧服務員工作價值觀、工作滿足與組織承諾關聯性之研究
A Study of Home-based Caregivers' Work Values, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Committment
Authors: 黃能堂
Huang, Neng–Tang
Chen, Hue - Mei
Keywords: 居家照顧服務員
work values
job satisfaction
organizational commitment
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract:   高齡化社會的來臨,最直接面臨的挑戰就是老人照顧問題。根據行政院經建會推估,2027年臺灣老年人口將會達到20%,亦即每5個人中就有1個是老人,再加上少子化現象加溫,逐漸衍生出許多醫療照護的問題。面對老年人口帶來照顧需求增加,以及嬰兒潮世代子女對於照顧服務產品的多樣化需求,使得老人照顧服務已成為未來重要不可忽視的課題。   本研究目的在瞭解居家照顧服務員工作價值觀、工作滿足與組織承諾之差異性、相關性及影響程度,研究對象為中化生醫科技股份有限公司全體居家照顧服務員,透過普查方式發放95份問卷,有效問卷回收率為81%。經資料整理與統計(敍述性統計分析、信度分析、t檢定、單因子變異數分析、皮爾森相關係數、多元迴歸分析等方法)。 研究結論如下:(1)不同年齡之居家照顧服務員在組織承諾上有顯著差異,年齡越高的居家照顧員較其他年齡的員工更為重視維持組織成員身份,對於組織留職的意願較高。(2)工作價值觀、工作滿足與組織承諾之間皆呈現顯著正相關。(3)工作價值觀、工作滿足對組織承諾皆有顯著影響,顯示當居家照顧服務員的工作價值觀及工作滿足程度越高,員工較願意為組織付出更多的努力,亦較有明確意願維持組織成員身份。(4)工作價值觀對工作滿足有顯著影響,顯示員工個人的工作價值觀會影響其工作意願或目標,進而影響其工作表現及工作滿足程度。   希冀本研究的結果或發現,能提供給個案公司作為改善居家照顧服務員工作條件之參考,針對員工最重視問題予以解決及改善,將有助於提升對組織的認同感,進而提高員工作滿足,加強留任意願,以留住企業優秀人才。
  With the advent of an aging society, the most direct challenge we are facing is the senior care issues. According to the anticipation of Council for Economic Planning and Development of Executive Yuan, elderly population in Taiwan will reach 20% by 2027, which means there is 1 senior citizen out of 5. In the wake of the phenomenon of low birth rate, numerous medical care issues will derivative gradually. Facing the increased demand for the care of elderly population, and diverse needs of care service products required by offspring of baby boomers, senior care service has become an important issue that cannot be ignored.   Purpose of this study is to understand the diversity, relevance and impact of home-based caregivers’ work values, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The subjects in this study are the entire caregivers of China Chemical& Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 95 surveys were issued via census questionnaires, and the effective response rate was 81%. According to the data compilation and statistics (descriptive statistical analysis, reliability analysis, T-test analysis, one-way ANOVA analysis, Pearson correlation coefficient, multiple regression analysis, etc.), findings are as follows: (1) Different ages of caregivers show significantly disparity in organizational commitment. In comparison to other generations, the caregivers in higher age give more attention to maintaining the organizational membership, and show higher willingness to stay in the organization. (2) Work values, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment show remarkable positive correlation in between. (3) Both work values and job satisfaction provide great effect to organizational commitment, which reveals that the higher the work values and job satisfaction are, the more effort to the organization the members are willing to make, as well as the willingness to keep organizational membership. (4) Work values have a significant impact on job satisfaction, which indicates the work values of individual employees affect their work inclination or goals, thereby affect their work performance and job satisfaction.   Hope that the results or discovery of the study will provide independent case company a reference for improving caregivers' working conditions. Solving and bettering issues that are most addressed by the employees will enhance the sense of organizational identity, improve employees' job satisfaction, and then enhance the retention willingness, ultimately retain talents in the company.
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