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Title: 大專校院運用電子化歷程檔案於職涯輔導之規劃研究
Design of The Career Counseling E-Portfolio System
Authors: 林弘昌
Hung-Chang Lin
Chen-Ni Wu
Keywords: 職涯輔導
Career Counseling
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討及建構大專校院可以應用於職涯輔導時的電子化歷程檔案的構面及內容項目。為達研究目的,本研究運用文獻分析、專家訪談及修正型德懷術問卷等研究方法進行研究。研究結果歸納了大專校院應用於職涯輔導時所使用的電子化歷程檔案,應包含6個職涯輔導構面,其中包括了使用者端的21個內容項目和管理端的19個內容項目。最後,研究者並根據這些構面、內容項目和使用者的需求,規劃了職涯輔導電子化歷程檔案的系統架構,以供學校未來建置或增修系統之參考。
This study aimed to explore and construct the dimensions and contents of the e-portfolio system used for career counseling. To achieve the research goals, this study conducted document analysis, interviews and modified Delphi technique. The results of the study have concluded that the contents of the career counseling e-portfolio system should contain six dimensions, which include 21 items in the front pages for demonstration purpose, and 19 items in the administration panel for manipulating and career counseling purposes. Furthermore, based on those system contents and the needs of the prospective system users, this study has proposed the preliminary framework of the career counseling e-portfolio system for future reference.
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