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Title: 企業訓練講師人格特質與教學效能關係之研究
The Study on Personality Traits of Training Lecturer and Teaching Effectiveness in the Company
Authors: 賴志樫
Chih-Chien, Lai
Hsiao-Han, Hsu
Keywords: 企業訓練講師
training lecturer
personality traits
teaching effectiveness
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 全球化改變了企業的生存條件,也造成員工個人工作上的轉變,在已開發國家中,高技術及服務領域的產業逐漸取代勞力密集的產業而興起,這顯示出,不論是以個人或企業的角度來看,知識已然成為現代社會競爭優勢之關鍵,也凸顯了教育訓練的重要。 教育訓練最重要的無非是其實施後的成效,如何使企業能達成其訓練的目的並使其效益達到最大,選擇合適的企業訓練講師將是關鍵所在。而一個人的性格影響到其對職務的適任程度。因此,本研究主要便在探討講師人格特質與教學效能間的關係。 本研究透過問卷調查法取得所需資料,問卷的發放以郵寄、e-mail等方式進行,回收的有效問卷共119份,經統計分析結果,歸納出以下五點結論: 一、企業訓練講師具正面的人格特質。 二、企業訓練講師在教學效能上具中上程度。 三、企業訓練講師之人格特質因擔任講師年資不同而有所差別。 四、企業訓練講師之年齡、擔任講師年資對教學效能有正向助益。 五、企業訓練講師人格特質與教學效能相關性極低。
Globalization has not only changed the terms of survival for a company, but also resulted in changes for individual. The industries of high level and services have risen and replaced labor-intensive industries gradually in the developed countries. It indicates that regardless the viewpoint of personal or business, knowledge has become the key competitive advantage in modern society. It also highlights the importance of education and training. However, undoubtedly, the most important training is the effectiveness of its implement, and the lecturer is the key of training effectiveness. Therefore, this study aimed to the relationship between the personality traits of lecturers and the instructional effectiveness. This study collected the information by using a questionnaire. The questionnaire is conducted by the letter and e-mail. There are 119 of valid questionnaires in total. The results of statistical analysis summarized in the following: 1.The training lecturer has positive personality traits. 2.The overall teaching effectiveness has good performance. 3.The seniority of lecturer has significant difference on their effectiveness. 4.The age of training lecturer, and year of their experience has significant differences on the teaching effectiveness. 5.The personality trait of training lecturer has lower association with their teaching effectiveness.
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