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Titel: 人格特質、激勵制度與工作滿足之研究-以保險從業人員為例
A Research on the Relationships Among Employee Personality Traits, Incentive Systems, and Job Satisfaction — the case of a Insurance professionals.
Autoren: 黃能堂
HUANG, Neng-Tang
Stichwörter: 人格特質
Employee Incentive System
Job Satisfaction
Erscheinungsdatum: 2014
Zusammenfassung: 保險市場面對環境變遷的挑戰下,也越來越著重於人才的培育與招募,因保險公司除了保險的產品外,保險從業人員是公司另一項非常重要的資產,故保險公司愈來愈體恤員工,管理愈傾向人性化,但保險從業人員的工作環境與銷售過程中,極易遭遇挫折,公司要吸引並且留住人才,除須建立完整的福利制度外,管理者更應思考的是,如何依照保險從業人員不同的人格特質,輔以適當的激勵制度,以有效地提升員工之工作滿足,進而共同達成組織所設定的目標。 本研究目的在於了解保險業務員人格特質、激勵制度與工作滿足之現況與相關程度。本研究以C保險公司作為抽樣對象,採立意取樣發放問卷600份,回收問卷403份,問卷回收率為67.2%,並以信度分析、描述性分析、相關分析、迴歸分析等方法進行資料分析,其研究發現如下:人格特質對激勵制度具有顯著關係;人格特質對工作滿足具有顯著關係;激勵制度對工作滿足具有顯著關係。
Nowadays, the training and recruitment of staffs have become more and more important for insurance companies, due to the challenge of the changing of market environment. While the insurance employees have turned into the essential property, the administration becomes more considerate and friendly. Owing to the setback that employees might have, the company should set up an integrated welfare system to keep the staffs; moreover, the administrator should consider the difference of personality, supplemented by proper incentive system to satisfy the employees so that the goal of the organization could be accomplished. The purpose of thesis is to comprehend current situation and the correlation between personality, incentive system, and fulfillment. The research has selected C insurance company as sample, with the methods of questionnaire survey and Purposive Sampling. The overall response rate is 67.2%, with receiving 403 questionnaires. The research has used reliability analysis、descriptive analysis、correlation analysis, and regression analysis to analyze the data. The research outcomes have become notable as follows: there is a significant positive relationship between personality and employee incentive system,there is a significant positive relationship between personality and job satisfaction,there is a significant positive relationship between employee incentive system and job satisfaction.
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