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Title: 教職員工對恩給退撫福利措施滿意度與組織承諾關係之研究-以C科技大學為例
A Study on the Correlation between Superannuation Retirement Consolation Welfare Measures Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment: An Example of C University
Authors: 黃能堂
HUANG, Neng-Tang
HUANG, Chih-Ling
Keywords: 恩給退撫福利措施
superannuation retirement consolation welfare measures
staff welfare
welfare satisfaction
retirement and pension system
organizational commitment
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 因應少子化的衝擊,人力資源管理是私立學校經營成功的重要關鍵因素。C科技大學於2010年首創恩給退撫福利措施,成為全國唯一實施此制度之私立大學校院,退撫金額超越公立學校,進而達到留任優秀教職員工。 本研究旨在分析個案學校實施恩給退撫福利措施後,教職員工的個人背景變項在福利滿意度、組織承諾上的差異,並探討教職員工對該措施福利滿意度與組織承諾之影響。本研究以個案學校2014年專任教職員工考評甲等以上者為對象,採問卷調查方式共發放問卷396份,有效回收問卷370份,有效回收率93.43%,並以獨立樣本t檢定、變異數分析、相關性分析與迴歸分析等方法進行實證研究。 研究結果發現:恩給退撫福利措施實施後,個人背景變項除年資外,其餘包括性別、服務校區、年齡、婚姻狀況與職稱等變項,均對福利水準滿意度、組織承諾具顯著差異;另發現教職員工的福利滿意度與組織承諾間存在顯著正向影響。
To deal with the impact of fewer children, human resource management is the key factor for private schools. C University of Technology (CUT) pioneered the Superannuation Retirement Consolation Welfare Measures (SRCWM) in 2010. With higher pensions, CUT was able to retain excellent staffs. This research studied, after the implementation of SRCMW, the difference in welfare satisfaction (WS) and organizational commitment (OC) due to staff personal backgrounds, and the effects of staff on WS and OC. The research objects were the full-time staff of CUT with better than A evaluations in 2014. A total of 370 valid questionnaires were returned, with a return rate of 93.43%. T-test, one-way ANOVA, correlation analysis, and regression analysis were used to analyze data. The study found that personal background variables: gender, campus of service, age, marital status, and position, excluding seniority, have significant effect on WS and OC. There is also positive correlation between WS and OC. Keywords: superannuation retirement consolation welfare measures (SRCWM), staff welfare, welfare satisfaction (WS), retirement and pension system, organizational commitment (OC)
Other Identifiers: GN0000712105
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