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Title: 有意義的工作對職場主觀幸福感之影響:組織承諾的中介效果與個人宗教信仰的調節式中介效果
The Influence of Meaningful Work in Workplace Subjective Well-being: Mediation Effect of Organizational Commitment and Moderated Mediation Effect of Personal Religiosity
Authors: 張基成
Chang, Chi-Cheng
Yen, Wan-Hsuan
Keywords: 職場主觀幸福感
Workplace Subjective Well-being
Organizational Commitment
Meaningful Work
Personal Religiosity
Positive Psychology
Broaden-and-build Theory
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究的主要目的在於以正向心理學PERMA理論與擴張-積聚理論為基礎,探討「有意義的工作」對「職場主觀幸福感」的影響,以及「組織承諾」的中介效果和「個人宗教信仰」的調節中介效果。綜觀過去的研究,有關幸福感前因的探索大多聚集在個別的構面,而PERMA理論主張幸福感是一個整體的概念,並提出至少有五個可單獨測量的因素會影響幸福感,擴張-積聚理論則為因素彼此之間的關係提供了因果的機制。此外,以往相關研究較少以職場尤其是白領工作者為研究對象,且對宗教信仰對幸福感的整體影響機制也尚無定論。因此,本研究以台灣白領工作者為研究對象(N=275),假設組織承諾會中介有意義的工作對職場主觀幸福感的影響,而且個人宗教信仰會調節中介以上的關係。研究結果顯示有意義的工作與組織承諾越高,則職場主觀幸福感就會越高,而且組織承諾中介有意義的工作對職場主觀幸福感的影響,個人宗教信仰也會調節組織承諾對職場主觀幸福感的影響。
This research, based on PERMA model and broaden-and-build theory, examined the influence from meaningful work, organizational commitment, and personal religiosity to workplace subjective well-being. Earlier researches focused mainly on specific cause of well-being while PERMA and broaden-and-build suggested a holistic view and mechanism. Furthermore, the study of well-being of office worker was rare while the role of religious was undetermined. Accordingly, this research hypothesized organizational commitment mediate the relationship between meaningful work and workplace subjective well-being, and personal religiosity moderated-mediates the relationship. We surveyed 275 Taiwanese office workers and validated the mediation effect from organization commitment. However, the moderation-mediation effect of personal religiosity occurred only when organizational commitment affected workplace subjective wellbeing.
Other Identifiers: G080071015H
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