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Title: 技術型高級中等學校推動自造實驗室方案之研究
A Study of the Implementation of Fab Lab Project on Vocational High Schools
Authors: 李懿芳
Lee, Yi-Fang
Peng, Yi-Wen
Keywords: 自造實驗室
fab lab
vocational high schools
program evaluation
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 近年來「自造者」風潮從美國吹向台灣,為推廣自造運動精神,國內中學積極建置自造實驗室,作為學生認識與初步體驗自造活動的基地。本研究旨在探討技術型高級中等學校推動自造實驗室方案之緣起、理念與目標、歷程、方式、實施現況、效益與困難等,並進一步分析不同主管教育行政機關推動自造實驗室方案之異同。本研究運用個案研究法,選取四所技術型高級中等學校為對象,與十五位計畫相關之教育人員(含校長、主任、教師及教育行政單位人員)進行訪談,並配合文件分析法進行資料分析與詮釋。 研究結論為:一、技術型高中自造實驗室方案以提升學生學習動機、創造能力及動手做機會為主要理念與目標;二、自造實驗室方案推動初期多採由上而下的方式規劃,並透過建置自造空間、建立教師社群及課程發展與推廣來實施;三、個案學校自造實驗室之空間與設備規劃,以開放式空間與資源共享為原則;四、個案學校多肯定自造實驗室計畫對學校、教師及學生三方均有正向效益;惟在推動上仍有課程、經費及師資上的困難有待解決;五、國教署與新北市教育局推動自造實驗室方案,在創新創意與培育技術人才方面的理念與做法相近,在執行方式則有其個別特色。 依研究發現研擬具體建議供教育行政機關、高級中等學校教師參考,最後並提供後續研究的方向。
Maker is all over the world, and fab lab also set up one after one. To understand the trend and currency in Taiwan's maker education, what kinds of difficulties it will encounter by throughout discussion, how it will operate, and how it will develop, the purpose of this study is trying to find the answers. We explore it’s original, concepts goals, courses, implementation status, benefits and difficulties in the vocational high school. In this study, we select four senior secondary schools as the objects, interview with 15 educational staffs, and use file analysis method to data analysis and interpretation. The conclusions are: First, the vocational high school fab lab project’s main ideas and goals are to enhance students’ learning motivations, creativities and hands-on opportunities. Second, the fab lab project use form top to bottom planning at the beginning, then build up fab lab teachers’ community and carry out the curriculum development. Third, all of the case school’s fab lab equipments and resources are designed to use and share openly. Fourth, the case schools are affirmative and positive for the fab lab project in schools, teachers and students. However, there are still have some difficulties needed to be resolved. The two education administrations, implementing mainly the fab lab project, have the similar ways in the concept and methods. Meanwhile, they show his own characteristics in execution. According to the study, we give some practical suggestions for the educational administrations and senior high school teachers.
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