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Title: 勞工行政人員公共服務動機、組織承諾與自我效能之關聯性研究
The Relations among Public Service Motivation, Organizational Commitment and Self-Efficacy of Labor Administrators
Authors: 李隆盛
Lee, Lung-Sheng
Ni, Chia-Lung
Keywords: 公共服務動機
public service motivation
organizational commitment
self - efficacy
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 有鑑於一般勞工相對於雇主而言較為弱勢,我國政府積極推動許多促進就業措施,勞工行政人員係政府機關與勞工大眾之間的橋梁,需有高度自我效能。本研究旨在了解勞工行政人員公共服務動機與組織承諾與自我效能的關係,具體而言,本研究目的在探討:(1)公共服務動機、組織承諾與自我效能之關聯性。(2)組織承諾在公共服務動機與自我效能之間的中介效果。本研究所需資料以行政院勞動力發展署及其五大分署為研究對象,採用問卷調查280人,回收有效問卷共計252份,有效問卷回收率為90%。研究發現公共服務動機愈高,自我效能愈高、組織承諾愈高,自我效能愈高、公共服務動機愈高,組織承諾愈高,以及組織承諾在勞工行政人員公共服務動機與自我效能間具有部分中介效果。因此,我國勞動主管機關宜設法一併提高勞工行政人員的公共服務動機和組織承諾以提高其自我效能。
Given that general workers are relatively weak compared to employers, the government has actively conducted many measures regarding employment promotion. Labor administrators serve as the bridges between government agencies and this study aimed to explore the relation among labor administrator’s public service motivation, organizational commitments and self-efficacy. Specifically, the purposes of this study are as follows: (1) To understand the relations of public service motivation, organizational commitment, and self-efficacy. (2) To understand the mediating effect of organizational commitment on the relationship between public service motivation and self-efficacy. The data required for this study were collected from the Workforce Development Agency of the Executive Yuan Ministry of Labor and its five branch offices. Totally via questionnaires 280 people were surveyed and 252(or 90%) valid questionnaires were returned. Consequently, it is found: (1) The higher public service motivations, the higher self-efficacy. ; (2) The higher organizational commitment, the higher self-efficacy; (3) The higher public service motivation, the higher organizational commitment, and (4) The organization commitment has a partial mediating effect on the relationship between public service motivation and self-efficacy. Therefore, it is suggested that the promote their administrator’s public service motivation and organizational commitment together to improve their self-efficacy.
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