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Title: 員工工作價值觀與敬業貢獻度對組織承諾影響之研究─以知覺主管支持為調節變項
The Influence of Employee’s Work Value and Employee’s Engagement to Organizational Commitment – the Moderating Effect of Perceived Supervisor Support
Authors: 余鑑
Yu, Chien
Yu, Chin-Cheh
Lee, Yu-Ru
Keywords: 工作價值觀
work value
employee’s engagement
organizational commitment
perceived supervisor support
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 身處於全球化的時代,產業變化迅速,企業欲在現今知識經濟時代中保有競爭力,就必須留住好的人才,但若只是形於外的誘因條件,很容易就被其他競爭對手取代,若員工在心理上對組織有高度的認同,方能建立對組織之忠誠度,這才是能夠留住人才的內在因素,無論是什麼產業,如何讓在職的員工願意投入努力,發揮自身所長,進而達到組織企業目標,是所有企業都需要面對的問題。 本研究之目的在於探討員工工作價值觀與敬業貢獻對組織承諾影響,並探討其中敬業貢獻的中介效果,與知覺主管支持之調節效果。本研究以金融業之員工為研究對象,採便利抽樣方法進行問卷調查,回收有效樣本共計為353份,結果可供金融產業相關之經營者、決策者與人力資源工作者參考並於實務上運用,並提供學術研究未來研究相關方向。 經資料分析後,本研究得到以下結論(1)工作價值觀對敬業貢獻有正向影響,(2)敬業貢獻對組織承諾有正向影響(3)工作價值觀對組織承諾有正向影響(4)工作價值觀影響組織承諾的過程中,敬業貢獻具有完全中介效果。(5)工作價值觀在影響敬業貢獻的過程中,其知覺主管並不具有調節效果。
Living in a globalized world, industries grow rapidly. In order to stay competent in the knowledge economy world nowadays, companies need to convince employees that performs well to stay. However, if company only focus on external motivations, they may be replaced by their competitions. If employees have a high level of commitment toward organization, it is the internal motivation that really keeps employees willing to stay in an organization. Regardless of industries, how to keep employees willing to invest their efforts, do their best in order to achieve organizational goal is a common issue. The purpose of this research is to discuss how work value and employee engagement influences organizational commitment, also discuss the moderating effect of employee engagement, and the mediating effect of perceived supervisor support. This research sampled from employees working in the financial industry, consist of 353 valid sample. The result of this research may provide some insights to leaders and decision makers. After analyzing retrieved data, this research’s conclusion is as follows: (1) work value has positive and significant effect on employee’s engagement. (2) Employee’s engagement has positive and significant effect organizational commitment. (3) Work value has positive and significant effect on organizational commitment. (4) While work value effects organizational commitment, employee’s engagement has full moderating effect. (5) Perceived supervisor support has no significant mediating effect in the model of work value effecting employee’s engagement.
Other Identifiers: G060371038H
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