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Title: 航空公司人員知覺組織支持、職業倦怠與組織公民行為之關聯研究
The Relations among Employee’s Perceived Organizational Support, Occupational Burnout and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Aviation Industry
Authors: 李隆盛
Lee, Lung-Sheng
Hsieh, Wan-Yun
Keywords: 知覺組織支持
Perceived organizational support
Occupational burnout
Organizational citizenship behavior
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 航空市場競爭激烈,航空公司需依靠公司成員協助以提升其競爭優勢,及達成組織績效與營收目標。而為因應環境改變與挑戰,組織公民行為是組織所期待的一種正向行為。本研究目的在探討知覺組織支持、職業倦怠與組織公民行為之間的關係,了解其員工在工作環境中知覺組織支持增高時,是否能降低職業倦怠,提升組織公民行為。所需資料採問卷調查法,以C航空公司正職員工為研究對象,發放問卷500份,有效回收397份,有效回收率為89.6%,回收有效問卷資料以統計軟體進行分析與驗證,獲致結果如下:(1)知覺組織支持顯著負向影響職業倦怠;(2)職業倦怠顯著負向影響組織公民行為;(3)知覺組織支持顯著正向影響組織公民行為;以及(4)職業倦怠在知覺組織支持與組織公民行為之間具有部份中介效果。
The competition in the Taiwanese aviation market is severe. Airline companies have to rely on their employees to promote their competitive advantages and attain their organizational performance as well as. Furthermore, organizational citizenship behavior is regarded as a positive behavior which is expected by any company. This study aimed to investigate whether employee’s perceived organizational support helps to decrease to his/her occupational burnout and improve his/her organizational citizenship behaviors. Necessary data was collected from the employees in C airline company through a questionnaire survey. Totally, 397 valid questionnaires (or 89.6%) are returned. As a result of statistical analyses, the results of this study are as follows : (1) Employees’ perceived organizational support negatively affected occupational burnout; (2) Occupational burnout negatively affected organizational citizenship behavior; (3) Employees’ perceived organizational support positively affected organizational citizenship behavior; and (4) Occupational burnout partially mediates the relationship between Perceived organizational support and organizational citizenship behavior.
Other Identifiers: G060271043H
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