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dc.contributorYu, Chienen_US
dc.contributorYu, Chin-Chehen_US
dc.contributor.authorHuang, Shu-Jungen_US不公開
dc.description.abstract組織內部服務品質會影響員工滿意度,進一步影響員工忠誠度與員工生產力,而員工忠誠度與員工生產力的高低亦將反應組織外部服務品質的優劣,外部服務品質亦直接對顧客滿意度造成影響,進而影響顧客忠誠度。為此,航空業亦必要將此一觀念系統落實於組織中,將員工視為內部顧客,同時掌握員工與顧客的需求與滿意度,才能真正提昇營收成長及獲利率。 本研究旨在探討心理賦權、知覺組織支持、敬業貢獻與組織承諾之間的關聯性,並以敬業貢獻為中介變項,運用層級迴歸來分析敬業貢獻在心理賦權、知覺組織支持與組織承諾之間的中介效果。而本研究之對象為C航空公司員工,採用抽樣方式以線上問卷網站、及委託發送問卷來蒐集調查資料,總共回收了385個有效樣本。 研究結果發現:(1)心理賦權對敬業貢獻有正向影響,(2)知覺組織支持對敬業貢獻有正向影響,(3)心理賦權對組織承諾有正向影響,(4)知覺組支持對組織承諾有正向影響,(5)敬業貢獻對組織承諾有正向影響,(6)敬業貢獻對心理賦權影響組織承諾具有部分中介效果,(7)敬業貢獻對知覺組支持影響組織承諾具有部分中介效果。本研究結果期望以相互尊重、信任及積極投入為基礎,進行工作溝通協調的管理模式,有助於提升員工的工作滿意度、工作活力,如此一來即可建立正向、優質關係。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe quality of service in the organization will influence the satisfaction of employee, loyalty and prolificacy even more. However, how much for the loyalty and prolificacy of employee show the pros and cons of the external service in the organization. The quality of external service even affects the satisfaction for employee more the loyalty and prolificacy. So, aviation industry most implement the concept into the organization, seen an employee as the internal customer. At the same time, controlling the demand and satisfaction of the employee and customer will elevate the revenue and profit rate. This study aims to examinethe correlation among psychological empowerment, perceived organizational support, work engagement and organizational commitment. The object of this study is the employees of Aviation C. The empirical data are collected by E-mail and mail. The total of the valid samples are 385. The results showed: (1) psychological empowerment has a positive impact on work engagement.(2) perceived organizational support has a positive impact on work engagement. (3) psychological empowerment has a positive impact on organizational commitment. (4) perceived organizational support has a positive impact on organizational commitment. (5) work engagement has a positive impact on organizational commitment. (6)The mediation of work engagement in psychological empowerment effectingon organizational commitment is only partial. (7)The mediation of work engagement in perceived organizational support effectingon organizational commitment is only partial. We hope that the results can be a reference for manages and applied in the recruitment selection and management. The research expects that organization could make the respect and credence as the foundation, run into the management status of communication and coordination. It may elevate the satisfaction and enthusiasm of employee. As the result, organization can make the good relationship with employee.en_US
dc.subjectpsychological empowermenten_US
dc.subjectperceived organizational supporten_US
dc.subjectwork engagementen_US
dc.subjectorganizational commitmenten_US
dc.titleThe Influence on Organizational Commitment from Psychological Empowerment and Perceived Organizational Support- to work engagement as a Mediation Variableen_US
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