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Title: 護理人員職場友誼、工作倦怠與組織承諾之關係研究
The Relations among Workplace Friendships, Job Burnout and Organizational Commitment of Nurses.
Authors: 李隆盛
Lung-Sheng Lee
Lin, Yi-Cheng
Keywords: 職場友誼
Workplace Friendships
Job Burnout
Organizational Commitment
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 我國護理人員領照後未就業以及就業後離職的比例高於其它職業,另一方面病護比過高的問題嚴重影響到病患的照護品質,因此護理人員的組織承諾及其關聯因素頗值得探討。本研究的目的在探討護理人員職場友誼、工作倦怠和組織承諾之間的關係,以及工作倦怠在職場友誼與組織承諾的中介效果。本研究採用問卷調查法,以目前在國內醫療院的在職護理人員為對象,發放問卷540 份,回收有效問卷446份(回收率82.6%)。問卷所蒐集的資料經統計分析與檢定後,獲致結果如下:(1)職場友誼與工作倦怠之間具有顯著的負相關;(2)工作倦怠與組織承諾之間具有顯著的負相關;(3)職場友誼與組織承諾之間具有顯著的正相關;以及(4)工作倦怠在職場友誼和組織承諾之間具有部分中介效果。
In Taiwan, many licensed nurses are unwilling to do nusing jobs, and the resignation ratio of the nurse is higher than the resignation ratio of any other occupations. In addition, the excessive high ratio of nurse-to-patient has serious impacts on the quality of healthcare. Therefore, the commitment from the nurse to their organization and other associated factors are worth investigating. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relations among workplace friendships, job burnout and organizational commitment of nurses. A questionnaire survey was conducted to collect necessary data from in-service nurses.Totally, 540 questionnaires were delivered and the number of valid questionnaires is 446 (or 82.6%). By using SPSS to statistically analyze the collected data, the following results are obtained: (1) There is a negative correlation between workplace friendships and job burnout; (2) There is a negative correlation between job burnout and organizational commitment; (3) There is a positive correlation between workplace friendships and organizational commitment; and (4) Job burnout has a partial mediation effect to workplace friendships and organizational commitment.
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