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Title: 人資客服代表在組織設計的策略角色職能
Study of Human Resource Strategic Partner Competency in the Organizational Design
Authors: 余鑑
Yu, Chien
Yu, Chin-Cheh
Chen, Hsiu-Ju
Keywords: 人資客服代表
human resource strategic partner
organizational design
human resource strategic partner competency
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 由於全球競爭環境的加速,科技業為因應內外部環境變化,組織必須配合變動以符合運作需求。也因此人資客服代表可以透過組織設計的過程,提供高階主管在組織規劃的諮詢建議,然而人資客服代表如何內化現有組織理論基礎,加強自身專業能力,以協助高階主管或事業單位以較佳的組織結構與人員配置,達成事業單位營運目標,增進組織績效是值得思考的面向。故本研究藉由個案研究及實際訪談的方式,探討人資客服代表在組織設計的策略角色職能。 經研究後發現,組織知覺力是人資客服代表在組織設計的策略角色關鍵職能,並可透過組織要素的十二個面向來提升。人資客服代表在組織設計過程中,扮演諮詢、溝通協調的橋樑,組織設計要素的思考過程,便是在瞭解與掌握所服務的事業單位各面向狀態,提供人資客服代表能貼近事業單位營運核心的最佳切入點。
Due to the global competitive environment within the acceleration, the technology industry in response to changes in the internal and external environment, organizations must meet in order to meet the operational needs change. Therefore human resource strategic partner through organizational design process, providing executives in the organization planning advice, but on how to interiorization within the theoretical basis of the existing organizations, to strengthen their professional capacity to assist executives or institutions in a more good organizational structure and staffing, to reach operational goals and institutions, to enhance organizational performance are worth considering for. Therefore, this study by way of practical case studies and interviews, to explore the role of human resources strategic partner competency in the organizational design. After study found that organizations awareness is the key competency of human resource strategic partner in the organizational design, and throughthe organizational elements of the twelve-oriented could improve. Human resources strategic partner in the organizational design process, playing consultation, communication and coordination of the bridge, thinking process organization design elements, and that is in the institution to understand and master the services for each state, and provide the best starting point to close to the institution core operation.
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