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Title: 線上學習者學習需求之研究
A Study of On-line Learners' Learning Needs
Authors: 游光昭
Keywords: 線上學習
on-line learning
web-based learning
learning needs
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 全球市場的競爭及資訊科技的進步,造就了線上學習的興起。以學習者為中心的線上學習雖日益普及,但在線上學習者學習需求的相關研究卻十分缺乏。有鑑於此,本研究目的即在探討線上學習者學習需求之內涵。研究者先透過文獻探討,列出可能的學習需求要項,再依此要項建置一線上課程,最後由線上學習者回答其對學習者需求要項的看法。本研究共有152位學習者上線學習,資料分析採敘述統計與因素分析。研究之結論有二:(1)從線上學習者的角度來看,其學習需求可歸納成19要項。(2)「線上學習者學習需求要項」共可分成「學習回饋」、「互動機制」、「系統設計」、「學習內涵」與「學習元件」等五構面,且此五大構面各有其內含要項。
With the success of competitive global markets and advancing information technology, on-line learning had been brought forth. Although on-line learning was developing and becoming commonplace with many studies exploring it, the lack of studies in on-line learners’ learning needs still existed. For this reason, the main purpose of this study was to explore the aspects of on-line learners’ learning needs. The study constructed electronic questionnaires to gather learners’ opinions about the importance degree of on-line learners’ learning needs. Having done the study, the following two conclusions were made: first, from the on-line learners’ viewpoints, there were nineteen needs of great importance; second, their learning needs can further divide into five categories: learning feedback, interaction mechanism, system design, learning content, and learning objects, and each of these five categories had their significance.
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