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Title: 北區大專院校參與內湖科技產業園區企業實習之現況調查研究
An Investigation into the Current Situations about Cooperating Internship with Universities from Northern Taiwan and Industries in Neihu Technology Park
Authors: 林弘昌
Lin, Hung-Chang
Chang, Ching-Yi
Keywords: 企業實習
Human resources development
Neihu Technology Park
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 內湖科技產業園區為占台灣知識經濟產業的關鍵性位置一環,因此於人力資源需求上以知識密集從業人員數占大半數,對人力素質涵養及知識技術頗為重要及倚賴。在科技快速的變動、企業產品週期轉換率高和產業導向趨勢下,對於企業注入好的人才要求是迫切和急需,國內企業單位為了留住高端人才,除了常見的招聘管道,產學間的實習制度方式也逐漸受到重視,可為培養和優先招募人才管道之一。本研究的目的在調查內湖科技產業園區在培育人才上藉由實施實習制度進行初步的探討實習發展的現況、遭遇的困難與阻礙,及實行企業實習的成果。本文透過調查內湖科技產業園區內企業單位、鄰近大專院校之教師為範圍對象,藉由調查問卷、訪談資料方式,進行調查與探討。本研究的工具包括:(1)研究者自編的「內湖科技產業園區參與企業實習之調查研究」問卷,用以蒐集內湖科技產業園區內企業單位的實習資料;(2)半結構式訪談大綱,由研究者根據研究目的擬定數題訪談題目,以請大專院校教師提供學生在參與企業實習的意見和想法。本研究結果發現企業與校方皆認同藉由企業實習的培育合作是重要的且比短期招募更為能縮短產學之間的落差,最後對內湖科技產業園區在未來實施實習制度發展上,提出參考建議。
Neihu Technology Park takes the crucial role in Taiwan’s knowledge- based economy. Therefore, considering the high quality in human resources and the knowledge technology, the need of the knowledge intensive staff takes the majority in Neihu Technology Park. Also, in the trend of industrial oriented development and the rapid change of enterprise products’ conversion rate, it is urgent and necessary to recruit talented acquisitions. In order to keep talented acquisitions in self-own industry, except for the normal recruitment, more and more industries will emphasize the industry-university cooperative research project and the internship cooperation, and this can become the way of cultivating and recruiting talented acquisition. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the current situations about cooperating internship with Universities from Northern Taiwan and industries in Neihu Technology Park, realize the difficulties or challenges during the implement of internship and the outcome of the cooperation. Therefore, the researcher conducted this study by applying the questionnaires and interviews to investigate the industries in Neihu Technology Park and teachers or professors at the nearby universities. Research data collected firstly from the questionnaire which designed by the researcher to acquire the internship information from industries in Neihu Technology Park. Followed by some interviews with teachers and professors at nearby universities to collect students’ ideas and thoughts of participating in the internship. As for the result, this research found that both industries and universities all have the strong agreement that the cooperation and internship are important and, compare to the recruitment with a short period, the cooperation and internship can shorten the gap between what people learned from universities and what they really do at industries. In the end, this research provided some suggestions for how to improve the internship development in Neihu Technology Park.
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