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Title: 不同職業訓練師對工作滿意與組織承諾影響之研究
A Study on the Influence of Hiring Conditions on Vocational Trainer Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
Authors: 黃能堂
Huang, Neng-Tang
Chou, Su-Lan
Keywords: 職業訓練師
vocational trainer
job satisfaction
organizational commitment
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 勞動力發展署因應推動轉型任務,採取「遇缺不補」的政策,將部分聘任訓練師出缺後改以聘用人員進用,以推動職業訓練。為了解不同身分別之職業訓練師對工作滿意與組織承諾之影響,以調查研究法對本研究對象進行問卷調查,應發份數為153份,總計回收問卷96份,回收率為62.74%,分析方法採敘述性統計、獨立樣本t檢定、單因子變異數分析及迴歸分析等統計方法。 研究結果說明如下:聘任與聘用職業訓練師對工作滿意度之程度無顯著差異;另不同工作性質之職業訓練師之調查結果顯示有顯著差異。聘任與聘用職業訓練師對組織承諾之程度無顯著差異;惟不同職業訓練師組織承諾調查於「當服務機關發生困難時,我認為有責任一同共體時艱」此題項有顯著性差異。聘任及聘用職業訓練師於工作滿意度對組織承諾程度有顯著正相關及正向影響。
In order to explore the influence of hiring conditions on vocational trainer job satisfaction and organizational commitment, to hire the vocational trainers instead of the appointment vocational trainers, due to the policy of not filling the appointment vocational trainers’ positions, a questionnaire survey was conducted on the research subject. The number of questionnaires to be sent was 153, and 96 questionnaires were returned. The response rate was 62.74%. The statistic methods of questionnaires are descriptive statistics analysis, independent sample t test, Analysis of Variance [ANOVA] and regression analysis. The results of the study are as follows: There is no significant difference in job satisfaction between the different hiring conditions vocational trainers, but the results of surveys in different job content trainers show significant differences. There is no significant difference in organizational commitment between the different hiring conditions vocational trainers, but the results of surveys in the item “I really feel as if this organization’s problems are my own” show significant difference. There is a significant positive impact between job satisfaction and organizational commitment of vocational trainers.
Other Identifiers: G0004712101
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