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Titel: 工作滿足、工作壓力與組織承諾關係之調查研究 ── 以C航地勤人員為例
A Study on the Relationship among Job Satisfaction, Job Stress and Organizational Commitment: The Case Study of C Airlines’ Ground Staff
Autoren: 黃能堂
Huang, Neng-Tang
Chen, Miao-Yueh
Stichwörter: 工作滿足
job satisfaction
organizational commitment
job stress
airline ground staff
Erscheinungsdatum: 2018
Zusammenfassung: 航空公司面對全球化的競爭衝擊,透過與國際航空業者建立策略聯盟合作、佈局航網密度,拓展多元化銷售的經營,均須仰賴企業員工的全力付出,方能突破困境,永續經營。航空公司地勤人員在面對代理作業驟增,訂位票務系統與服務流程規範更新次數頻繁,其身心承受之壓力不言可喻。企業組織能夠瞭解支持員工,適當解決員工壓力源,員工工作滿足必然提升,進而強化對組織的承諾,竭力為企業後盾。 本研究旨在瞭解航空公司地勤人員工作滿足、工作壓力與組織承諾間的關係,透過文獻探討和問卷調查等方法,以C航地勤人員為研究對象,使用SPSS統計軟體進行敍述性統計分析、信度分析、獨立樣本t檢定、單因子變異數分析、相關分析及迴歸分析研究。 研究結果發現:個案航空公司地勤人員工作滿足對組織承諾有顯著正向影響。工作壓力與工作滿足有顯著相關,職場疲勞對工作滿足有顯著負向影響;工作壓力與組織承諾有顯著相關,勞工參與和心理負荷對組織承諾有顯著負向影響。
In facing the global competition, airlines have to establish a strategic alliance with international airlines, deploy airline network density, and expand diversified sales operations to break through the predicament and continue to operate. The front line ground staff has experienced a sudden increase in agency work, and the reservation ticketing system and service flow specifications have been updated frequently. The pressure on the body and mind is unpredictable. While organizations can understand and support employees, appropriately address the sources of stress on employees, the employees' job satisfaction will inevitably increase, and they will strengthen their commitment to the organization and strive to provide support for the company. The purpose of this study is to understand the relationship between job satisfaction, work pressure and organizational commitment of airlines ground staff. This study uses literature analysis, questionnaires, and other methods to take C airlines ground staff as the research object, using SPSS statistical software for narrative statistical analysis, reliability analysis and independent sample t-test. , single factor analysis of variance, correlation analysis and regression analysis. The results of the study found that: Job satisfaction has a significant positive impact on organizational commitment. Job stress is significantly related to job satisfaction, and workplace fatigue has a significant negative impact on job satisfaction. Job stress is significantly related to organizational commitment, and labor participation and psychological load have a significant negative impact on organizational commitment.
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