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Title: 企業外部訓練講師之核心能力研究
The Study of Core Competencies of the Enterprise External Trainers
Authors: 林弘昌
Lin, Hung-Chang
Lee, Chun-Wei
Keywords: 企業外部訓練講師
Enterprise external trainer
Enterprise education and training
core competence
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 企業必須仰賴教育訓練來不斷充實員工的管理能力及專業技術,而影響企業教育訓練成效的關鍵者是企業訓練講師(以下稱為企業講師),講師通常分為企業內部講師與企業外部講師。國內罕有對於「企業外部訓練講師」的能力進行專門研究,而在企業教育訓練市場中,企業外部講師扮演著舉足輕重的角色。然而,企業講師究竟需要具備什麼樣的核心能力,才能順利成功執行企業委託的教育訓練呢?爰為本文的探討動機。本研究透過文獻探討,歸納國內企業外部訓練講師之工作內容,以及分析出國內企業外部訓練講師具備的「核心能力」。本研究採用「修正式德菲法」,以國內現職的12位專家作為對象,採用二回合問卷作為蒐集工具。最後透過文獻探討以及五位專家當面或電話訪談,共歸納有六項主要工作,是企業外部訓練講師應具備的工作內容;另外共有25項能力是企業外部訓練講師應具備的核心能力。期望本研究結果能提供國內管理顧問公司、職業企業訓練機構、企業HR培訓部門等單位,進行外部講師的招募遴選、培育訓練、以及教學成效評量等經營策略之參考依據。
Enterprises must rely on education and training to continuously enrich the staff's management capacity and professional skills, and the business training instructor (hereinafter referred to as enterprise lecturer) affects the effectiveness of enterprise education training. Enterprise lecturers are usually divided into internal and external lecturers. In the enterprise education and training market, the external lecturers play a pivotal role, however, there is rare domestic research to find out the core competencies that the "external training instructor" should possess to successfully implement the enterprise training. In this study, the "modified Delphi method" was applied, and there were 12 and 11 domestic professionals who acted as the Delphi experts for the first and the second round questionnaire survey respectively. Finally, through literature review and face to face/telephone interviews with five experts, a total of six major work and 25 core competencies is summarized for the external training instructor. It is expected that the results of this study will provide the basis for management strategies for domestic management consultants, professional enterprise training institutions, HR training departments and so on; the selection and training of external lecturers; and evaluation index of teaching effectiveness.
Other Identifiers: G0003712106
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