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Title: 企業人資應具備之數位學習課程規劃專業能力之研究
Exploration of the Professional Competencies of Training Instructional Design for Corporation Human Resources
Authors: 林弘昌
Lin, Hung-Chang
Weng, Chien-Hsiang
Keywords: 數位學習
Digital curriculum planning
Human resource development
Education and training
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究透過文獻的整理與分析,探討數位學習科技的迅速發展,使得E-Learning成為許多企業目前實施教育訓練方式之一,當數位教學成訓練學習的新利器時,善用及規劃數位學習課程便成為企業的重要課題。但企業人資在這方面的專業能力卻未能提升或改善,勢必造成組織需求與期望落差。企業人資應具備數位學習課程規劃之專業能力,在職能的分類上,分為以下幾種:核心職能、專業職能及管理職能。本研究以修正式德菲法建構企業人資應具備之數位學習課程規劃專業職能內涵,研究對象為產業界企業人資、人資主管、教育訓練人員、同儕、具有數位學習系統商及實務經驗者所組成之專家小組進行半結構式的修正式德菲法(Modified Delphi Method, MDM)問卷調查,進行相關數位學習課程規劃職能指標分析。 本研究將研究結果建立一套科學化企業人資應具備之數位學習課程規劃專業能力的模型應包含六大構面及47個指標項目。最後,研究者根據上述構面、指標項目,形成了企業人資應具備之數位學習課程規劃專業職能,並經由此模型探討與評量以作為企業人資或教育訓練人員的甄選、訓練發展、績效之參考依據。
This study focuses on the rapid development of e-learning technology which makes e-learning become one of education and training methods carried out by many companies. When the digital teaching becomes a new tool in training learning, using and planning digital education and learning programs will become an important subject to the companies. But the professional competence in this area owned by the human resources of the companies has failed to promote or improve. The condition certainly will result in the organization’s needs and expectations gap. Corporate human resources should have the professional competence of the digital curriculum planning about education and training. In the classification of functions, there are the following categories: core functions, profession functions and management functions. In this study, the industry human resources personnel, human resources managers, peers, the industrial professions are conducted in-depth interviews. Besides, Delphi method (Delphi, also known as the expert investigation) is applied to carry out the functions index analysis questionnaire survey of the related digital curriculum planning in order to understand the general situation in the current enterprise human resources about planning digital education and training programs. Modified Delphi Method survey is used to construct enterprise human resources with the professionally functional connotation of the digital curriculum planning about education and training. Research objects include corporate human resources, human resources director, education and training staff, peers, the digital education and training system suppliers andpractical experiences forming a group of experts. This study will establish a model of scientifically profession-functional requirements of the digital curriculum planning about education and training conducted by corporate human resources. Through this discussion and assessment of this model, we could provide corporate human resources or the training development, performance and staff selection of education and training staff for reference.
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