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Title: 私立科技大學教師工作壓力、心理契約與工作績效關係之研究
The Relationship among Faculty Job Stress, Psycho-logical Contract and Job Performance in A Private University of Science and Technology
Authors: 李隆盛
Lee, Lung-Sheng
Lee, Li-Mei
Keywords: 教師工作壓力
job stress
psychological contract
job performance
university of science technology (UST)
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 由於招生壓力日益增大,各科技大學(簡稱科大)愈來愈要求教師參與非教學工作和提高研究績效,因此教師的工作壓力愈來愈大。本研究旨在探討科大教師工作壓力、心理契約與工作績效之間的關係,採用問卷調查法,以某私立科大所有需接受教師評鑑的教師為研究對象,發放問卷142份,有效回收問卷138份,有效回收率為97.2%。蒐集資料彙整各量表數據透過統計軟體進行分析與檢定,獲致結果如下:(1)工作負荷為主要工作壓力源;(2)心理契約方面,建立人情關懷構面滿意度較低;(3)工作績效方面,教學、研究構面得分較高;(4)工作壓力與心理契約之間呈顯著負相關;(5)心理契約與工作績效無顯著關係;(6)工作壓力與工作績效之間呈顯著正相關;以及(7)心理契約在工作壓力和工作績效之間不具中介效果。
To enroll enough new students has been getting harder for all universities in Taiwan. In order to not been eliminated due to lacking of students in the near future, most private universities of science and technology (UST) began to ask their faculties to involve in some non-teaching jobs and to increase research performance. This directly leads to increasing job stress of those faculties. This study aimed to investigate the relations among the faculties’ job stress, psychological contract and job performance. Questionnaires were distributed to all 142 faculties in a private UST and 138 valid questionnaires were retrieved. The valid return rate is 97.2%. After a statistical analysis of data collected, the main findings of this study are as follows:(1) Workload is the primary source of job stress;(2) In terms of psychological contract, the aspect of humanity caring obtains lower satisfation; (3) In terms of job performance, the two aspects of teaching and research have higher scores in faculty evaluation; (4) The facultie’s job stress has a significantly negative correlation with their psychological contract;(5) The psychological contract has no significant correlation with the job performance; (6) The job stress is positively correlated with the job performance; and (7) The psychological contract is not a mediator between the job stress and the job performance.
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