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dc.description.abstract面對全球化市場與自由市場的經濟區域的擴大,及企業人才流動之快速擴展,全球化的經營方針及組織內跨文化的流動比以往更為快速且頻繁,人才的跨國遷移已經成為一個重要的趨勢。為因應經濟全球化的需求,跨國際公司的專業人才,為了公司營運方針等政策,陸續遍及各地工作與生活。因此,企業該如何將派駐海外工作的專業人才,發揮其對組織的最大綜效,應先瞭解影響之原因,並針對這些項目進行管理和改善,進而促使員工願意對工作更為投入。 本研究主要探究文化智商、個人與工作適配與員工工作投入之關聯性,並以組織承諾為中介變項。經研究後發現:(1)文化智商對組織承諾有正向影響。(2)文化智商對工作投入具正向影響。(3)個人與工作適配對組織承諾具正向影響。(4)個人與工作適配對工作投入具正向影響。(5)組織承諾對工作投入有正向影響。(6) 組織承諾於文化智商對工作投入中有部分中介效果。(7) 組織承諾於個人與工作適配對工作投入中有部分中介效果。研究結果期望組織在挑選派駐海外員工時,可以考量到文化智商對員工的影響,並透過提升組織承諾,進而達到員工繼續為組織效力及工作投入之意願。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractWith the expansion of economic regions of global markets and free markets, along with the global mobility of entrepreneurs and professionals, global management policies and cross-cultural exchange in the corporate’s internal organization change at a faster and more frequent pace. Transnational migration of professionals in this context has become a critical challenge for an international enterprise in today’s global era. To accommodate the needs of global business development and mobility of professional talents to streamline the internal operation, an international corporate should optimize its overseas employees by understanding impact factors and proposing strategies for administrative improvement so as to enhance the job involvement. This study aims to examine the correlations among cultural intelligence, person-job fit, and job involvement, where organizational commitment serves as a mediator. This research indicates seven results. (1) Cultural intelligence has positive impacts on organizational commitment. (2) Cultural intelligence has positive impacts on job involvement. (3) Person-job fit has positive impacts on person-job fit and job involvement. (4) Person-job fit has positive impacts on job involvement. (5) Organizational commitment has positive impacts on job involvement. (6) The mediation impact of organizational commitment in cultural intelligence on job involvement is only partial. (7) The mediation impact of organizational commitment in person-job fit on job involvement is only partial. It is thus expected that these results could be applied as useful references for corporates to consider the impacts of cultural intelligence on overseas employees. In addition, the enhancement of organizational commitment will thereby improve the organizational commitment and job involvement of the corporate expatriates.en_US
dc.subjectCultural Intelligenceen_US
dc.subjectPerson-Job Fiten_US
dc.subjectOrganizational Commitmenten_US
dc.subjectJob Involvementen_US
dc.titleThe Impact of Job Involvement from Cultural Intelligence, Person-Job fit – Organizational Commitment as a Mediatoren_US
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