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Title: 武俠小說中特殊詞彙之英譯研究及《楚留香傳奇之血海飄香》譯文分析
Keywords in Wuxia Xiaoshuo English Translations of Martial Arts Fiction and a Sample Translation of Gu Long’s Chu Liuxiang Chuanqi zhi Xiehai Piaoxiang
Authors: 胡宗文
Hu, Daniel
Moore, Evan Michael
Keywords: 武俠小說
wuxia fiction
Gu Long
Jin Yong
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 幾十年來,在全球的華人圈中,武俠小說一直是最受歡迎的文學類型之一。然而,由於缺少翻譯,像這樣的小說形式在英語世界裡,卻鮮少被一般人所熟知。且武俠小說往往蘊含著濃重豐厚的傳統文化內涵與特殊的文體用法,要將其詳實的翻譯成英文,著實是一大挑戰。但透過本論文,筆者將會以分析現有英譯版武俠小說中之特殊文體用法、詞彙,來提供這類型文學的中譯英引導參考,此外也將筆者所翻譯之知名武俠小說作家─古龍的 《楚留香傳奇之血海飄香》一併附錄於本文中。
Martial Arts Fiction has been one of the most popular forms of literature in Chinese communities around the world for decades. However this genre remains relatively unknown to the English-speaking world due to lack of translations. Complicated cultural and genre specific terms present a great challenge to translating said genre into English. Through this paper I present a guide to translating martial arts fiction through analysis of genre specific terms as found in existing English translations in addition to producing my own sample translation of famed martial arts fiction writer Gu Long’s (古龍) Chu Liuxiang Chuanqi zhi Xiehai Piaoxiang 《楚留香傳奇之血海飄香》.
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