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Title: 從可比語料庫探討法律翻譯的明朗化現象
Exploring Explicitation in Legal Translation through a Comparable Corpus
Authors: 胡宗文
Hu, Daniel
Tay, Hui-teng
Keywords: 語料庫
Corpus-based Translation Studies
Hong Kong Judiciary
Legal Judgments
Legal Translation
Explicitation Hypothesis
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 明朗化現象是許多學者常會探討的研究項目,也被一些學者稱為翻譯普遍特徵。精確度與準確度在法律翻譯領域裡是極為關鍵的考量,按此邏輯,法律譯文的明朗化現象應該相對於非翻譯文本更為明顯。這個問題,為本研究所探討的題目。通過易用功能性靈活的語料庫工具AntConc,本研究將會分析單語種的比較語料庫(由自然英文語料庫與中譯英語料庫 組成)。此語料庫的資料源自於香港特別行政區司法機構所刊登( 於官方網站)的判案理由書。以雙語作為法定語言是香港法律體系獨有的特徵,有大量的中文判案理由書因參考需要被翻譯成英文,因此這些文本適合用於探討法律英譯與自然英文的差異。 本研究將會探討的明朗化現象包括報導動詞後接"that"的現象,連接詞,轉折詞等。這些現象的頻率將會被紀錄下來,接著針對英譯與自然英文的頻率差距進行似然比檢驗,以便確認是否有顯著性差異。研究結果顯示譯文裡明朗化頻率普遍高於自然英文。
Explicitation is a much studied phenomenon and considered by some to be a "universal" of translation. In the field of legal translation, where the precision and accuracy of language are key priorities, it would make sense for explicitation to be more pronounced in translations as opposed to non-translated English texts. But to what extent is this true? This is the primary issue this paper is seeking to explore. Through the use of the easily accessible and versatile corpus-processing tool AntConc, I analysed a monolingual, comparable corpus consisting of a translational English sub-corpora and a non-translational English sub-corpora, both drawn from court judgments published on the website of the Judiciary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Due to the unique nature of Hong Kong's legal system, in which both English and Chinese are official languages of the court, a large number of key judgments are translated from Chinese into English presumably for reference purposes, thus making them suitable for the study of translational differences in legal translation. With respect to explicitation, we looked at several explicitation phenomena including the "verb+that-clause" pattern, conjunctions and transitional words. The frequencies of these explicitation phenomena are tabulated, with the difference in frequencies between the translational and non-translational being subjected to a log-likelihood test to determine their significance. The findings as a whole does support the view that explicitating connectives are used in a statistically more pronounced manner in the translated sub-corpora.
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