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dc.contributorHu, Danielen_US
dc.contributor.authorMa, Chia-Huien_US
dc.description.abstract「送別詩」在中國文學中有著重要地位,且於唐朝(618-907年)時期發展蓬勃。唐代詩人結合情感與大自然,造就唐代送別詩之詩意美。唐代著名詩人王維(692-761年,一說699-759年)「詩中有畫,畫中有詩」,保留至今之詩作逾五分之一以上包含送別的主題。王維擅長使用「意象」表達情意,常用意象共可分為顏色、聲音、季節,動物和植物等五大類。不同類別意象之組合不僅可傳達詩人情感,更能夠刻畫並創造詩歌之氛圍。讀者透過閱讀,可從中體悟詩人欲傳達之情意與場景。 由於文化和內涵之差異,中西文化對於「意象」的解讀略有不同。因此,譯者務必慎選翻譯時使用之單詞與字句,以便準確傳達詩人之原始情感。本文透過送別詩、送別意象,以《唐詩三百首》中,五首王維的送別詩(〈送綦毋潛落第還鄉〉、〈送元二使安西〉、〈山中送別〉、〈送別〉、〈送梓州李使君〉)為核心比較,並以三個英譯版本做論述,期盼能夠提供譯者進行送別詩意象翻譯之參考依據。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractFarewell poetry plays an essential role in Chinese literature, and flourished during the Tang Dynasty (唐朝; 618-907 CE). Tang poets combined emotions with nature, creating the poetic beauty of farewell poems of this time. Among famous poets of the Tang dynasty, Wang Wei (王維; 692-761 or 699-759 CE) was best known for his ability of producing picturesque poems. More than one fifth of his poems still known today contained the theme of farewell. Wang Wei often used imagery to convey his ideas; such images include those of color, auditory, the seasons, animals, and plants. These images are combined to represent the emotions and sentiments of the poet and the atmosphere of the poem, which then fills the mind of the reader to recreate the scenario or sentiment the writer wished to convey. Due to differences in culture and connotations, an image can be translated in many ways. Therefore, the selection of the translated word or sentence is very important in conveying the meaning and emotions of the original writer. Through the introduction of farewell poems, farewell imagery, and translation analysis of the five selected farewell poems by Wang Wei from the Three Hundred Tang Poems (〈送綦毋潛落第還鄉〉, 〈送元二使安西〉, 〈山中送別〉, 〈送別〉, and 〈送梓州李使君〉), this thesis hopes to aid translators tasked with the challenge of translating images in poetry, especially those with a farewell theme.en_US
dc.subjectFarewell Poetryen_US
dc.subjectWang Weien_US
dc.titleOn the Translation of Imagery in Wang Wei’s Farewell Poems: An Analysis of Five Poemsen_US
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