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dc.contributorChien-Pen Chuangen_US
dc.contributor.authorCheng-Tien Luen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在探討不同先備知識的學習者,在情境式網路學習系統中學習頻譜分析儀的認知學習成效與操作正確度。為達此目的,我們自行發展一個頻譜分析儀教學網站,並以實驗教學檢測學習成效,最後以問卷調查學習滿意度。 研究對象為國立臺灣師範大學應用電子科技學系大學部三年級31位學生。因人數與設備的限制,研究方法採用準實驗研究法中單一組別的前、後測設計。最後以SPSS 19版統計軟體分析認知學習的前、後測成績、技能學習的操作成績與學習滿意度。所得研究發現如下: 一、情境式頻譜分析儀網路學習能有效提升學習者對頻譜分析儀的認知能 力。 二、情境式頻譜分析儀網路學習能有效導引學習者正確操作頻譜分析儀並縮 短學習時間。 三、低先備知識學習者經過頻譜分析儀網路學習後,在認知學習上進步幅度 較高先備知識者大,但平均分數仍以高先備知識者較高;而在技能學習 上,二者差異未達顯著水準;但低先備知識學習者卻略高於高先備知識 者。 四、情境式頻譜分析儀網路教學系統在「網頁介面設計」、「課程內容」、 「情境故事設計」和「整體學習觀感」均達滿意程度。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research was to investigate the learning effectiveness of situated environment based e-Learning system for studying Spectrum Analyzer both on cognitive and psychomotor learning among different prior knowledge students. A website of learning Spectrum Analyzer was developed to apply on experimental instruction and a test was given to evaluate learning effectiveness and a questionnaire was given to test learning satisfaction. Thirty-one students were selected from Department of Applied Electronic Technology, National Taiwan Normal University as sample. The research method was used one-group pretest-posttest quasi-experimental research due to the limit of sample objects and devices. The results of statistical analysis with SPSS 19 for pretest, posttest of cognitive learning, operational performance and learning satisfaction were found as the following key points: 1.The situated based Spectrum Analyzer learning website can promote the learner effectiveness of cognitive learning. 2.The situated based Spectrum Analyzer learning website can guide learner's operation on Spectrum Analyzer correctly and decrease learning time. 3.The advancement of cognitive learning achievement of low prior knowledge group is better than high prior knowledge group on Spectrum Analyzer e-Learning, but the average score of high prior knowledge group is higher than low prior knowledge group. However, the difference of skill learning achievement between these two groups is insignificant, but the average score of low prior knowledge group is slightly better than those of high prior knowledge group. 4.The website interface design, content design, scenario design and overall impression were to the satisfaction of students.en_US
dc.subjectsituated learningen_US
dc.subjectSpectrum Analyzeren_US
dc.subjectprior knowledgeen_US
dc.subjectlearning effectivenessen_US
dc.subjectlearning satisfactionen_US
dc.titleDeveloping a Situated Learning Website for Learning Spectrum Analyzer and its Instructional Effectiveness Analysisen_US
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