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Title: 圖像及文字型認知風格學習者在學習不同型態多媒體教材時之學習情緒及成效研究
Evaluation of Learning Emotion and Performance for Learners with Visualizer / Verbalizer Cognitive Style Enrolled in Various Types of Multimedia Materials
Authors: 洪欽銘
Chin-Ming Hong
Chih-Ming Chen
Ying-Chun Sun
Keywords: 學習情緒
Learning Emotion
Emotion Recognition
Cognitive Style
Multimedia Material
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 學生學習效果的好壞與學習教材有著密切關係,而每位學生認知上有個別差異。在學習過程中,也會產生情緒,而情緒的變化,則會影響學習效果。因此本研究以認知風格的觀點和不同型態多媒體教材探討其學習成效與學習情緒的影響,也另外探討學習情緒和學習成效間的兩個依變項是否具有關聯性。 本研究以圖像型和文字型認知風格,結合情緒壓力感測儀器emWave,探討學習者間的個別差異。使用Childers、Houston及Heckler(1985)發展的SOP量表(Style of Processing scale)將學習者分為四種類型:「文字型強」學習者、「文字型弱」學習者、「圖像型強」學習者和「圖像型弱」學習者,搭配搭配三種不同型態的多媒體學習教材為:「靜態文字及圖片型」、「影片型」和「動畫互動型」多媒體學習教材,探討各類型多媒體教材,對於不同認知風格之學習者學習成效和學習情緒的影響。研究結果發現,不同認知風格學習者對於使用不同型態的多媒體學習教材,其學習成效和學習情緒有顯著差異。
The quality of student learning effect is closely related with learning materials, but there are individual differences in cognition in each student. In the learning process, it will exist on emotion and the changes of emotion, and will affect the learning. The study emphasizes in views of cognitive style and multimedia learning materials, explore the impact in learning performance and emotion, and study the connection between the two. In this study visualizer and verbalizer cognitive style, combined with an emWave PC Stress Relief System, to explore individual differences among learners. All learners are divided into four types: low verbalization, high verbalization, high visualization, and low visualization by the Style of Processing scale developing by Childers, Houston and Heckler(1985) with three different types of multimedia learning materials: the static text and image-based, video-based and animated interactive multimedia materials. The result of this study found three types of multimedia materials for learners with different cognitive styles of learning performance and learning emotional have significantly different.
Other Identifiers: GN0697750040
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