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Title: 電泳式顯示器之即時視訊影像訊號處理器
Real-Time Video Signal Processor for Electrophoretic Displays
Authors: 高文忠
Wen-Chung Kao
Chien-Hui Liu
Keywords: 即時訊號處理
real-time signal processor
electrophoretic display
electronic paper
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 在使用電泳式顯示器所組成的電子紙上播放影片是很大的挑戰,這是因為電泳式顯示器的反應時間比一般的液晶顯示器還要長很多。此外,電泳式顯示器能夠顯示的灰階數量很有限,且在不同幀之間的畫面切換顯示,需要複雜的驅動波型來加以控制。由於上述這些問題,在電泳顯示器上播放影片是很困難的。本論文中,我們對於播放影片功能提出了一個新的即時訊號處理架構,此架構包含了半色調影像處理的硬體模組、視訊資料的編碼以及改善顯示器驅動波型的設計,它支援電泳式顯示器的影片即時播放,並且展現出良好的視訊品質。
Playing videos on the electronic paper, which is composed of the electrophoretic display (EPD), is an attractive feature, but none of commercial EPDs supports it. This is because the response time of the EPD is much longer than liquid crystal displays. In addition, the number of gray tones shown on the EPD is quite limited, and the state transitions between successive frames can be achieved by complicated driving waveforms. These issues result in the difficulties of supporting video display function on the EPD. In this thesis, we propose a new real-time signal processor for the EPD. The processor is composed of hardware modules for producing halftoned video frames, encoding video data, and sending driving waveform to the display in real time to show good quality of videos on the EPD.
Other Identifiers: GN060175023H
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