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Title: 具有啟動保護之獨立超級電容儲能系統
Stand-alone Super Capacitor Charging System with the Design of Starting Protection
Authors: 呂藝光
Yih-Guang Leu
Chia-Wei Huang
Keywords: 升壓型直流轉換器
Boost converter
charge pump
super capacitor
inductor current
one-shot circuit
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本論文針對一個不需要依靠任何外部電源裝置供電的獨立超級電容儲能系統,作暫態及轉換效率研究,提出其操作遇到的問題及改善可靠性討論。獨立超級電容儲能系統在啟動瞬間電路往往會因為電感電流過大而導致零件可靠性受到影響,由這個問題找出啟動瞬間升壓型直流轉換器的電感電流飽和原因,改善啟動瞬間開關電感電流過大的問題,解釋啟動瞬間電感電流的狀態,使用實驗數據和模擬驗證電路特性,最後量測獨立超級電容儲能系統的頻率響應與效率,找出獨立超級電容儲能系統最有效的充電頻率。
This thesis focuses on studying the electronics transient response and conversion efficiency of a stand-alone super capacitor charging system, which is capable of working independently without relying on any external power supply. Components of the charge are easily degraded due to a large transient inductor current. This occurs at the moment when the stand-alone super capacitor charging system switches on.To understand the problem, this thesis studies the transient behavior, finds the reason why the inductor current of the boost converter saturates at the switching moment, and analyzes the waveforms of the inductor current at the switching moment of the charger. The verification of the circuit characteristics with an external stimulation is carried out with both experiments and simulation. Finally, we measure the frequency response and efficiency of the stand-alone super capacitor charging system in order to find out the most efficient charging frequency of the stand-alone super capacitor charger.
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