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Title: 屬龍未必好命運-以台灣為例
The Tough Fate of Dragons-the case of Taiwan
Authors: 印永翔
Ying, Yung-Hsiang
Lin, Tzu-Han
Keywords: 生肖
Chinese Zodiac
Good fortune
country system
culture influence
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 生肖偏好緣於生肖論命,在中華文化人們認為個人出生時間與個人命運有關聯,並認為特定生肖的人們享有好命運,這信念從華人社會因為對生肖偏好的熱衷度進而影響部份年度生育率能看到人們對於好命運的追求,熱度始終未減。香港學者Wong和Yung (2005)針對香港人民因生肖傳承及影響,探討龍年人們是否較好命,在國際知名經濟學期刊上引起熱烈關注及討論。 自古以來的傳統傳承,華人社會及育齡父母認定生肖和個人未來運勢及成就有極高關聯性。即便已物換星移改朝換代,這個偏好特定生肖的信念,並未隨著歲月而淡化。在科技發達的現今,華人仍認為龍年天生能獲成功的青睞;並且認為龍年注定擁有好命運。好命運通常意味著個人學術或經濟領域成就高,社會地位佳,以及生活幸福感強,而這信念被人們轉化成寄託於追求幸福的希冀,經長久流傳,進而形成華人對於生肖偏好的執迷。 本研究一樣印證屬龍未必好命運,以台灣為例外同時藉由內政部資料及中研院華人家庭長期追踪資料做為研究主樣本,進而利用迴歸及描述性分析客觀如經濟及教育領域的成就及主觀如人們對於幸福感的追求與生肖偏好及好命運間之關聯性。最終驗證結果顯示生肖和個人事業、學識成就以及生活滿意度無正相關性,數據資料顯示在十二生肖中,龍年並不為最佳或最高顯著值,確證龍年和好命不相關。唯本研究明顯印證人們的行為在特定環境下,確實因社會、經濟或制度等層面而被影響並改變。
According to Chinese aspect of belief, it is believed that good fortune always smile at Dragon peoples. In 2005, the study of Wong and Yung-Does Dragon has better fate- on Economic inquiry had lead to enthusiastic discussion. Following the lead of Wong and Yung (2005),by using a large-scale research project of The Panel Study of Family Dynamics (PSFD) led by Dr. Cyrus C. Y. Chu of the Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica and database of birth of the population, the investigation in Taiwan resulted from Descriptive statistical and Regression Analysis also indicates there is no relevant evidence for this pervasive superstition. However, despite there is no bio or Scientific basis to prove that people’ destiny is related to Chinese zodiac and could have better fortune; it implies people obsessed with zodiac superstition to pursue happiness in the lifetime. Yet, the result shows under certain circumstance, the feeling of sufficient happiness is irrelevant to Chinese zodiac, but instead is connected to other factors such as education, income and stay in married life and people’ behavior are affected and influenced by culture, society and economy system, or nation regulation.
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