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Title: 以人為本的品牌形象轉換為核心價值的管理流程
Management Process Supporting the Transfer of Business Core Value into Humanity Focused Brand Image
Authors: 蕭中強
Hsiao, Chung-Chiang
Chiu, Shih-chen
Keywords: 品牌形象
brand image
brand equity
value chain
business strategy
business core value
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 每個企業都是一個品牌,若一個企業不能找到自己擅長的領域,給予有機會發展的廠商全力協助,那麼這個企業就沒有產業發展前景。台灣發展品牌的困境在於觀念不容易轉變。企業要發展自己的品牌時,是要以熟悉的技術領軍來建立品牌。營造業屬綜合服務業,素有火車頭工業之稱,伴隨著台灣的經濟發展,然近年營造市場憎多粥少,營造業面臨了嚴重接案困境,對大型營造業帶來很大的衝擊。個案公司身為台灣的老營造廠,要如何擬定經營策略以能利用本身的優勢,創造持久的競爭力,鞏固品牌佔有力是個案公司當前重要的課題,本研究的目的,主要在探討創辦者建立的品牌形象,因世代的交替,逐漸產生潛在的品牌價值稀釋的困境,品牌形象以及在營建市場的獨特價值傳遞應如何持續延續。 關鍵字: 品牌形象、品牌權益、價值鏈、經營策略、核心價值
Every enterprise is a brand. If a company can't find the area that it is good at, and give the opportunity to develop the manufacturer with full opportunity, then this enterprise has no industrial development prospects. The dilemma of Taiwan's development of brands is that ideas are not easy to change. When companies want to develop their own brands, theymust build their brands with familiar technology. The construction industry is a comprehensive service industry. It is known as the locomotive industry. With the economic development of Taiwan, the construction market has been plagued with porridge in recent years. The construction industry has faced serious difficulties in handling the case and has had a great impact on the large-scale construction industry. As an old construction factory in Taiwan, the case company has to develop its business strategy to take advantage of its own advantages, create lasting competitiveness, and consolidate brand possession. This is the current important topic of the case company. The purpose of this study is mainly to explore the founder. The established brand image, due to the alternation of generations, gradually creates the dilemma of potential brand value dilution, how the brand image and the unique value transmission in the construction market should continue Keywords: brand image, brand equity, value chain, business strategy, business core value
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