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Title: 保健食品市場開拓與品牌定位策略之研究:以慕求公司冬蟲夏草產品為例
The Research of Market Expansion and Brand Positioning Strategy on Dietary Supplement: A Case Study of Mucho’s Caterpillar Fungus Product
Authors: 蕭中強
Hsiao, Chung-Chiang
Chung, Kuang-Feng
Keywords: 保健食品
Dietary Product
Caterpillar Fungus
Operational Expansion Model
Growth Model
Direct Marketing
Multilevel Marketing
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract:   在食安風暴過後,國人的健康意識進一步提升,除此之外對於保健的概念也因為高齡化社會而漸漸被重視,民眾開始注意身體健康,以及預防疾病的重要,其次在精緻食物吃得過多,以及生活壓力沉重的現在,各種疾病容易隨之接踵而來,因此預防性的保健更是重要。   冬蟲夏草具有抗疲勞、護肝及調節免疫等的功效,甚至已有實驗證明具有抗癌效果,雖然政府目前並不允許標示,但在許多懂得保健的人心中,冬蟲夏草是保健聖品,也因此自古以來冬蟲夏草價格居高不下,甚至市場上贗品盛行。   慕求冬蟲夏草是國內可以自行培養及量化生產的企業,並且具有多項技術優勢,但卻面臨消費者並不熟知的困境,台灣保健市場的需求年年增加,可見慕求在市場上也具有發展機會。本研究探討這樣一間企業在台灣市場的發展機會何在,以及慕求在未來可以從事的營運擴充模式及成長模式,以及其品牌定位。
  After the food safety storm, health awareness of Taiwanese people was further enhanced. In addition, the concept of health care was gradually taken seriously because of the aging society. People began to pay attention to physical health and the importance of preventing diseases. Secondly, people nowadays eat too much delicate food and stress of life makes various diseases triggered easily, and thence preventive health care is more important. Caterpillar Fungus has the effects of anti-fatigue, liver protection and immune regulation. Even though the experiment has proved to have anti-cancer effect, the government does not allow labeling at present. Many people who care about health care know that Caterpillar Fungus is an extremely good health care product. Since ancient times, the price of Caterpillar Fungus has remained high, and the fake products are fully merchandised in the market. Mucho is a domestic enterprise that can cultivate and produce Caterpillar Fungus, which has many technical advantages, but it faces the dilemma that consumers are not familiar with it. The demand for Taiwan's health care market is increasing year by year. It is obvious that there is also a development opportunity in the market. This study explores the development opportunities of such a company in the Taiwanese dietary market, as well as the operational expansion model, growth model, and its branding position that canbe pursued in the future.
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