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Title: 中小型知識型企業轉型為自媒體企業之發展模式探討─以I公司為例
A Development Model of Transforming Small Knowledge-Based Enterprise Into the Wemedia-Based Enterprise: Case of the I Company
Authors: 蕭中強
Hsiao, Chung-Chiang
Lin, Yi-Ping
Keywords: 自媒體企業
Wemedia-Based Enterprise
Knowledge-Based Enterprise
Integrated Marketing Communication Theory
Media Convergence
Community Marketing
Fragmented Consumer Travel
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 進入自媒體時代,許多趨勢專家喊出企業要轉型為「自媒體企業」。本研究從整合行銷理論 (IMC) 及自媒體理論談起,進而深入探究自媒體時代消費模式之改變及其影響,此即為轉型為自媒體企業之重要驅動因素。具備媒體價值與內容價值的企業,在自媒體時代更具重要影響力,尤其是知識型企業,如何發展出傳遞企業核心價值的最佳模式?知識型企業原已具備管理知識、生產內容、銷售知識型產品或服務給目標客戶的能力,若要轉型,相較於其他產業更容易達到轉型需求。不論企業之大小規模,其轉型動機、轉型模式與關鍵成功因素值得探討。 針對「自媒體企業」,本研究為國內少數開始進行探討此主題之內容,研究者並首次對「自媒體企業」進行較完整的學術定義。本研究發現,由於能掌握內容之獨特價值,知識型企業確可視為轉型自媒體企業的先行者。成功因素除了領導人的支持等原因,關鍵性角色是企業內通常會有一位具有跨界整合能力的「媒體總編」。最後,運用I公司此一個案為例,說明知識型產業可以運用媒體匯流等內容管理方案、預算整編、組織調整等執行過程,發展出一套知識型企業轉型為自媒體企業之最適模式。 關鍵字:自媒體企業﹑知識型企業﹑整合行銷溝通理論﹑自媒體﹑ 媒體匯流﹑社群行銷﹑碎片化消費旅行
Entering an era of Wemedia, many trend experts advocate that companies should transform into " Wemedia-Based Enterprise." This study starts with Integrated Marketing Communication theory (IMC), and then look into changes and impacts on consumption patterns of Wemedia, which are important driving factors for the transformation of Wemedia-Based enterprises. Enterprises with media value and content value have even more influence on the era of Wemedia. Especially for the knowledge-based enterprise, how do they develop the best model to convey their core value? The knowledge-based enterprise already has the ability to manage knowledge, produce content, sell knowledge products or services to target customers. Given transformation, it is easier for them to meet the needs than other industries. Regardless of the size of the firm, the transformation motives, transition patterns and key success factors are worth exploring. For " Wemedia-Based Enterprise", the study is one of the few pieces of research that starts to discuss this topic. The researcher also unprecedentedly provides a more comprehensive academic definition of " Wemedia-Based Enterprise". The study shows that, due to the good command of the unique value of the content, the knowledge-based enterprise can indeed be seen as a pioneer in transforming into Wemedia-Based Enterprises. The factors of success include not only the support from the leadership, but the key role is that there is usually a "Media Chief Editor" with cross-domain integration capabilities in the enterprise. Finally, take the case study of Company I for example, it demonstrates that a knowledge-based firm can use implementation processes like media convergences, content management programs, budget compilations, and organizational adjustments to develop the most appropriate model for a knowledge-based enterprise transforming into a Wemedia-Based enterprise. Keywords: Wemedia-Based Enterprise, Knowledge-Based Enterprise, Integrated Marketing Communication Theory, Wemedia, Media Convergence, Communication Marketing, Fragmented Consumer Travel
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