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Title: 傳統青草茶舖的品牌管理策略-以裕豐神農青草茶舖的品牌現代化為例
Brand Management Strategy for Traditional Herbal Tea Stores:A Case Study of Yufeng Shennong Brand Modernization
Authors: 王仕茹
Wang, Shih-Ju
Chen, Ting-Ju
Keywords: 傳統青草茶舖
traditional herbal tea stores
brand image
packaging design
brand modernization
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 過去到傳統青草茶舖買杯清涼降火的青草茶解渴是許多人的日常,現在手搖飲料店四處林立,以致傳統青草茶產業式微,傳統青草茶的存在具有文化、歷史性的意義,而傳統青草茶舖的消費族群明顯老化,因此本研究以傳統青草茶舖的品牌現代化作為研究,經由此研究了解當前台灣青草茶產業的發展概況與傳統青草茶品牌管理策略,透過文獻探討與品牌調查後,歸納整理出傳統青草茶舖可行的品牌行銷策略,進行裕豐神農青草茶舖的品牌重定位與品牌形象規劃。 裕豐神農青草茶舖以不變的核心價值『天然健康、養生茶飲』為訴求,透過品牌重定位、品牌形象打造,以符合時代的需求,運用現代化的設計,將傳統的文化內涵具體的呈現出來,透過包裝設計做為品牌現代化之工具,達到吸引年輕消費族群的注意進而產生購買,再運用行銷策略使年輕消費族群成為高忠誠度的顧客。
A cup of cool herbal tea from traditional herbal tea shop used to be the daily routine for many people. Nowadays, with hand-shake beverage shops everywhere, traditional herbal tea industry's market shrinks. As a cultural and historical significant existence, traditional herbal tea stores' main target consumption group is obviously aging. This study is focus on brand modernization for traditional herbal tea shops and to understand development overview of current herbal tea industry and traditional herbal tea brand management strategy in Taiwan. Through literature review and brand survey, feasible brand marketing strategies are inductive in order to reposition and plan brand image for Yufeng Shennong. Yufeng Shennong appeals with constant core value "natural healthy tea", repositions its branding and builds brand image in order to comply with new era demand. Through packaging design as tool of brand modernization and applying modern design to bring out traditional culture connotation, Yufeng Shennong attracts younger generation purchases and turn them into high loyal customers by applying marketing strategies.
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